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An Academy Instructor of mine.

C Detachment
Location: Russian Mission
Case number: Unknown
Type: Suicide
Text: On Friday April 8, 2005, at approximately 8:00 pm, Alaska State
Troopers in Bethel were notified by Bethel Police dispatch that Simeon
Askoak, age 50 of Russian Mission, had been found deceased, the result
of a self inflicted gun shot wound. Two troopers responded to Russian
Mission to investigate. Initial findings indicate that sometime between
5:00 pm and 7:30 pm, Askoak took a handgun he owned, went out about 100
yards from his home and shot himself once in the chest. The
investigation establishes this shooting as a suicide. No foul play is
suspected. Simeon Askoak was a sergeant in the Village Public Safety
Officer program. Sgt. Askoak had been a VPSO in Russian Mission for the
past 13 years. He was a highly trained and respected officer.
Additional troopers and the
Association of Village Council Presidents' VPSO coordinator are
traveling to Russian Mission toda…