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Great Village Gospel Songs & Himz!!

Hello everyone. I’m theSam!! and I wanna be your Next Blog experience.
While chasing various Music experiences here in AngerRage

I find myself and my ‘lil Violin being drawn towards the sweet sounds of Country and Western.

I find that theFingers just want to be gentle and predictable.

Like a Steady strum of G, D7, Am, G, a quick C and back to G again and play over.
Or even to just break up about 4 chords and play each string over again and again. I like that.

Music has to come from within you, you have to feel a Melody and find a “Hook” and keep things simple.

In all seriousness I find that the old Hymns that I once heard as a Toddler while on the Reservation in South Dakota just sticks with me after all these years.

Ok ok, maybe I like a little “Thine Eyes Bleed”, “Arch Angel”, “Betsy”, some Voivod and early Judas Priest now and then.

I’ve always been a little rogue at times. A little vogue and almost always so Very Very vague.

Being Public Safety out …

Differences Between a Fighter and a Killer

gets a newsletter now and then from practically everybody it seems. Here's a few gems from theTarget Focus Training group.

Check them out on the net and apply for your free newsletter from them, and in the meantime, keep checking out what's happening in theVillage!! by stopping off here! Until next time, luvs, theSam!!

Combat Training Principles -- Secrets For Staying Alive When 'Rules' Don't Apply The Critical Differences Between A Fighter And A "Killer"

"Reject your sense of injury and the injury itself disappears." - Marcus Aurelius
Lately here in Las Vegas, I've met a number of Mixed Martial Arts competitors from various "No-Holds-Barred" events like the UFC and Pride. For the most part, these fighters are amazing physical specimens and tremendous competitors.

Their skills in the arena are impress…

the Man In the Suit Case

theMan In The Suit Case

But first this Important Message from theSam!!
-Because He Said So!!

Hello everyone, I’m theSam!! and may I have the envelope please?!
Thank you. Oh... could I borrow some ones tongue too?!
Those postage stamps taste worse than my own cooking.

This Message brought to you by theSam!!
theOnly 2007 Superbowl coverage he’ll see this Sunday will be his hand over his Chicken Noodle at theShelters for his weekly meal.

Darn Trans (transients) and Nebes!! (Inebriates). They’ll eat anything in a flash.

Blink and your food is gone!!

who’s only Style and Taste now appear to be a quick run through theCombOver and a spoon of Cream cheese in theMouth at lunch time!!

After sending a lost Traveler to theBarista stand for a misplaced Cellphone theDoubleShift!! took all of his next appointed days off from Security work and zznooozed!!

Not just for Insomniacs and Entertainment anymore!! Now he’s gone Global, almost literally.

After theGroundsCrew talked him into helping out f…