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Post Deployment

Over a year ago I reenlisted into active duty military service, in July 2009, and by this time last year had finished up basic and then spent Nov here at fortStewart GA before being picked up by 3rd ID and just a handful of us being equipped, trained and sent over to Iraq where our commandCo was already stationed.

Now we're back safe. We did have some personnel of ours get shot along the way, all lived. And there were times we were shot at on patrol and more often we just fought boredom, monotony of routine and sometimes, each other.

I had to endure about 6 months of hazing, harassment, male-on-male sexual assault and intimidation & assault, I was singled out, targeted for bullying and racked up dozens of Counseling statements from sr Enlisted, I was accused of falling asleep on checkPoint watch and demoted by command from E-3 / PFC to E-2 / PV2, now I'm an E-fuzzy!!

After the nightmares got to me, I wet myself, saw Mental Health and got to talk to a Psychologist about everyt…

Stand Up Sam!!

sam!! stands up while sitting down.

-this months Soldier is...
the soldier: theSam!! =:o) We'd interview someone more important but everyone else is currently out on Patrol or at checkPoint!!

sleeping out of:
tehMWR tent, actually I sit down in the bunkers next to theMWR Rec tent stare off at theHorizon and get accused of falling asleep by Sgts.

women tend to be excited by my:
absence from their presence.

my infomercial would sell:
packaged mediocrity to masses lower on humanity scale than thePeopleOfWalmert

one thing people say that stirs up an instant desire to throw a punch:
who cut your hair? (I often do)

if i were a ninja, i would:
trade my sword & throwing star in for an m-249 beltfed machinegun and an MRAP. Who needs to sneak around and be subtle these days?

worst humiliation ever suffered:
prostate exam by hotCougar at MEPS in Anchorage before reEnlisting into tehArmeh!!

fans recognize me by:
my resemblance to my facebook profilePic, It's theChubbyChins ya' know!!

mortal ene…

Elder George P. Lee

I found this on Recovery From Mormonism website, I met GPL once when a group of us Lamanite youth went on a weeklong fieldtrip to SaltLakeCity back in mid 1980's.

Sadly, the young people of theLDSchurch don't know what a "Lamanite" is. Honestly, they know it's a BookOfMormon character name, but they really don't know what ONE is.

That's a sad example of how much church policy and Doctrine has changed in over 2 decades.

Rest in Peace GPL
lovs, theSam!!
Samuel L Flyinghorse


Subject: Elder George P. Lee
Date: Jul 30 10:37
Mail Address:
Elder George P. Lee, in life and death

Elder George P. Lee, the first and still only Native American General Authority passed away this week in Provo. He was a man who was both created and destroyed by the changing Mormon doctrine regarding the lineage of the Native American peoples. Once vaunted as the direct lineage of Lehi and Laman, both the doctrine and the outreach to the Native American suffered …

July Twitter Posts from Sam!!

As always these posts scroll down, just go to the end of this post and read UP the page from first to last!!
lovs, Sam!!

Latest: tS!!fMWRttAKvT!! one place is hidden away off the beaten path & hard to find so you need a map to get there. theOther? just ask Sam!!'s mom! less than 5 seconds agoLatest: tS!!fMWRttAKvT!! one place is hidden away off the beaten path & hard to find so you need a map to get there. theOther? just ask Sam!!'s mom! less than 5 seconds ago from web

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tS!!fMWRttAKvT!! one place is hidden away off the beaten path & hard to find so you need a map to get there. theOther? just ask Sam!!'s mom! about 1 hour ago via web from Copper River, AK
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2. Samuel L Flyinghorse SLFlyinghorse

tS!!fMWRttAKvT!! at one place Everybody knows your name especially if your cuteFemale!! & the other? Everyone knows Sam!!'s names, all foul! about 1 hour ago via web from C…

theAnt & theGrassHopper


This one is a little different... Two Different Versions... Two Different Morals

The ant works hard in the withering heat all summer long, building his house and laying up supplies for the winter.

The grasshopper thinks the ant is a fool and laughs and dances and plays the summer away...

Come winter, the ant is warm and well fed.

The grasshopper has no food or shelter, so he dies out in the cold.

MORAL OF THE STORY: Be responsible for yourself!


The ant works hard in the withering heat and the rain all summer long, building his house and laying up supplies for the winter.

The grasshopper thinks the ant is a fool and laughs and dances and plays the summer away.

Come winter, the shivering grasshopper calls a press conference and demands to know why the ant should be allowed to be warm and well fed while he is cold  and starving.

CBS, NBC , PBS, CNN, and ABC show up to provide pictures of the shivering grasshopper next to a video…

June 2010 more of Sam!!'s How To Tell!!....

June 2010 more of theSam!!'s "How To Tell!!" (that the hot Iraqi sun's gone cooked his Lakota brain!!)
Just read these inane Twitter posts!!

-too afraid to log into cafeWorld, theEmps might wanna be paid, I'll have to wash dishes again, and AnyaStoli is probly still sobbin at bar!

-too afraid to play CallOfDuty again,
I shot captMcTavish in theBlizzard, dude, wear black or something!! not white like the badguys....

-but then I remembered I'm Lakota, and capt is WHITE, They stole our lands!! So I emptied a clip on him. I love Call Of Duty. 
-I tried to eat at BurgerWorld, hey guys, Its not like YOU don't have any guns to repel enemies. I'm starving, besides we blew the Pizzaplace

-And running thru the nice neighborhoods
, I cried so hard in one Mansion, our shootout destroyed theWineCellar. *boo-hoo-hoo* I hate CoD!!

-i love CafeWorld though, "chef made too much linguini and needs to give to his friends". He looks surprised as one chefBoss of min…

Looking Ahead!!

theSam!! looks ahead by LookingBack (at what he's done in life). I went to KregsList on tehNet!! for inspiration on this blog post, besides, I might be a Civilian sooner than I think!! and it helps to always be prepared for the eventual transition.

-theSam!! Looks Ahead,
Looking for a dedicated, hardworking, clean and dependable dishwasher for a great downtown fine dining restaurant.
There are responsibilities outside of dishwashing like janitorial and minor groudskeeping.

competetive pay, friendly staff and great working environment.

please e-mail with resumes
Experience in dishwashing required!!

theSam!! Translates theAd for You!!
Looking for a careerDeadEnded, Desparate individual who at least wipes his nose on his shirt and combs his hair (nothing else in required!! unless you apply for chef'sHelper then you must zip your fly and have your shirt on outsideOut and front forward)

Must only be dependable in as much as you can depend on Us to feed you daily at shifts end and that you …

ratedSam!! =:oP

here's a few quotes from theSam!!'s leadership on even finding theSoldier in the first place!!

-"like searching for a needle in a haystack, during platoon downtime, then I remembered that he's losing weight w/ forced PT, therefore, he's not food restricted anymore, so we headed straight to burgerKing at theWagonWheel foodcourt!!"

-as we could plainly see from his dismal PT test scores, Recruiting had a hard time finding Quality!!

-"a lot of clicking around!!, then we remembered to take his cigarette lighter, his chapstick and his on-lanyard-to-his-beltloop CHU keys out of his pocket and voila!! It was just the Whif-whif-whif of his of his on-lanyard-to-beltloop Wallet in his OTHER pants pocket!!"

-easy to find INformation yet hard to find inFORMATION, and that's just cause he's so damn big yet he'll literally melt away, evaporate, just disappear literally right in front of you when you need volunteers to do work details-yet he'll never m…

Latest Events Memorial Day Weekend 2010

MemorialDay 2010 Weekend

Yesterday our 2nd Platoon got together for a few hours in the late afternoon to early evening for a cookout, to eat burgers, steak, hotdogs and to drink nearBeer, smoke cigarettes, cigars and pull from theHooka!!

As of late, I'm re-assigned to theMayorsCell on FOB WARRIOR, and MayorsCell sent me across base to theAirForceVillage MWR Rec Center.

It seems that ever since I came here to Iraq, things haven't gone as expected for me. I find myself being treated like shit for the last 6 months and it affects me negatively,

You'd think that such hazing, harassment and bullshit would stop after Basic/BootCamp, but it didn't really begin until I got sent to B Company. I never set out to be a shitbag soldier, I never became one either.

I got written up so many times that eventually it all lead to my getting an Article 15 write up, So far, I haven't been judged by the Company Capt guilty or not, but so far, that's what is next is my informal hearing a…