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Help Prevent Village!

had a Crass Blonde moment: an Abandoned, burnt out car and an old Outhouse are among sites that have been identified as YVC Inc (doh!!) Critical Regional Assets, or CRASS for short. Furthermore, anything else from this point on uttered, written, thought of, spoken by, emailed, blogged and snail-mailed by YVC Inc (doh!!) should be considered just crass.

The Village Way to Go!!
RumRunnerz River Craft now offers Inflatable boats for sale.

Check out the 800 series line. 15' model with Slat Wood Floor, 2 Velour Love Seats,
Plenty of room for you and your friends. And speaking of friends, there's 6 Oar slots your friends can use when you run out of gas!!

This model has a Mini-Bar that doubles as a Bait / Fish storage well when those pesky Safety Officers are boarding to search for Contraband.

After you've cajoled your Grandma's 40hp motor off Her boat, "borrowed" the fuel cells from the VPSO's boat,scrounged for spark-plugs from your neighbors…

Health & Welfare Initiatives Teleconference Gathering News

YVC Inc (doh!!)
Tele-Conference registrants, it's almost time for that yearly ritual to take place where we blow $225K in 2 weeks and travel somewhere foreign and exotic just to talk to each other.

Have you started packing those steamer trunks, your SansoNight suitcases and WineFlasks yet?

The following dress recommendations are provided to help you fill that suitcase with the right clothes. Remember, we are going someplace warm this year.

Someplace really warm that doesn't involve taking a Nip from a bottle to get tingly all over, well... Maybe for our planned socializing it does.

(exceptions for the dress code will be grudgingly made for those of you who prefer to go Clothing Optional like a few Admin Voyeur gals and a bevy of Hot Cute Interns from the BEHEMOTH region)

Here's the Itinerary for the YVC Inc (doh!!) meetings that we have scheduled to take place in (of all places) Aruba!!

The reason for YVC Inc picking such an exotic place wasn't for the sun, the fun or the …

My Salmon-My Self

My Salmon- My Self
Can a much needed Adventure Vacation get you in touch with your roots??
Let you reach Inward to your inner Hunter - Gatherer??

Much explained blogster "theSam!!" went to Alaska to find out.

Stepping out the doors to my shoe box apt it hit me like a slipper in the face that..
wait. wait..

An old stinky slipper DID actually hit me in the face.

It came from theDumpster next to theApts.

I stepped on over and was surprised to find a couple of kids rummaging around
inside the green painted box, the whole dumpster smelled rancid.

Guess that explained the stinky slipper that had been tossed out non-chalantly
at me to... Hey!!!

I looked at the distance from theDumpster to thePorch where I once stood.
10, 20, 30feet and up 10 steps.

"Why those little creeps!", I fumed,
turning in anger to theDumpster I found it empty, devoid of neighborhood kids.

Glumly, I set back to what I had been thinking of previously.

Oh yeah....

I have to go to Alaska to find out!!

Then it hit me …

Village Girls Gone Wild


models available in Carharts, denim and now polyester!!

all that and then some.

born to be Mild

visit him on theWeb at
He promises not to keep you up past 9pm local time.

world At least World traveled.

use your PFD dividend today!!

far out in front.... and sort of to the right a bit.....ok ok, he's wwaaayy out there.

some day everyone will look back at this and laugh nervously before changing
the subject.

only one hour from Downtown Anchorage, until he fixes his bike tire flat.

welcoming new Blog readers everywhere.

exposing more people to 2nd hand Village than any other villager in Alaska.

still for Sale.

Village for everyone and everyone from a Village.

a Village is a village until you dress it up,
but in theCase of a few Village hotties, they're best dressed down & face down.