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Here's Sam!!'s Sign....


myBaristaPartner!!, a coWorker :bounce3:, was restocking stuff today at work and I was on Register,

We've been shown how to cut OFF the 4 flaps of theBoxes and just leave product IN them, and store them on shelf, rather than take everything out and toss theBox!!

so today, myBaristaPartner!! was cutting off theBox flaps,

As usual, :wth: she left cardboard edgings and shavings lying around and she ALSO left a few box flaps lying around too and didn't bother to throw them away,

So during my ALONE time, when my Partner had Long since clocked OFF her shift and gone home,

I was taking care of customers now and then and also remaking theStock drinks,

and... omg. :egads:
I just remembered,
Shit. I forgot to empty theChocolate chips and theGreen Matcha powders!!..
oh well. :ummm:

anyway, I was cleaning and reMaking stocks and refilling and making samples and calling out (VoyCalls) over PA system advertising etc, and I looked at the CardBoard flaps and thought..... :thinking…

theMormonGod Answers Sam!!

Subject: Dear MormonGod!!
Date: Jan 18 22:32
Author: theSam!!

(this letter isn't to be confused with me attempting to address "theMormonGod" Elohim / Smell-O-Heem that has happened upon RFM/RecoveryFromMormonism from time to time and delivered some humorous discussions here and there, but, then again,

since theMomo's/theMormons!! really can't even comprehend their own religion and since the real MormonGod just might be you and or me or anyone!!-maybe I am attempting to contact "theMormonGod" of diatribe fame here on RFM)

*shrugs shoulders*

Dear MormonGod,
this last week at work has been great,
but there are a few of your people that I have run into from time to time just watching and praying,

Hoping!! that someone, Anyone!! might happen along and elicit some response from them that has them reciting Rote lds verbiage that-like theCrass t-Shirts that say "I can't, I'm mormon"-they too spout glibbly to me in store, "…

Another Forum Posting to Share from RecoveryFromMormonism

Some recent verbiage I guess,
some things that happened long ago that helped me become me but now I step away from it all,

I post occasionally to the Recovery From Mormonism forum/bulletin boards, I have a link to that Website.

Sometimes I'm lightMinded and other times I'm dead serious, in this post sharing I'm serious.

As you read down theList here, I'll Bold my writings.
Take care,
Samuel L Flyinghorse
Anchorage, Alaska!!

* Jan 18 09:12 a few of the things that always got to me when I was in the church

Subject: a few of the things that always got to me when I was in the church
Date: Jan 18 09:12
Author: lightfingerlouie

I have to look back at some of the things that got to me when I was in the church. When you try to make yourself fit in your assigned slot, you try to overlook the silliness. But when you leave, you can, at least, look back in wonder at what you tolerated. It was not easy.

Who could ever look back with any degre…

Everything Burns

I finished cleanup and looked at theKiosk nook in theMall.


there was the Syrup splatters upon theBottles that I missed,
but, as my ShiftSupervisor told me once before (and several times after),
that such little mistakes in ClosingShift at theKiosk were forgivable ONLY IF
I had pretty much EVERYTHING else taken care of,

I shrugged my tired shoulders,
shouldered my nylonJacket w/ Incredibly HOT!! fleece liner and stepped out of theMall!! into theMinus 10degree farenheit Alaskan cold,

I got 200' away when I realized that I left my Tumbler coffeeCup!! sitting on theCounter by theRegister,
And in that 200' walk AWAY from theStore, my face, ears and hands started to burn and tingle from theCold.

Inside my newWinterJacket was a different kind of burn,
for my new winter coat of Black color hung not only from theWeight of my pocket contents,

theCheckBook-sized PocketCalender, theBaristaGuidebook,
my ColoredPens to mark my Paper coffeeCups-as I lined them up on Counter to make …

Extreme Alaskan Redneck

You're Extreme!!

I stole this one from..... from whom ever!!


You're An EXTREME Alaskan Sledneck When....

1. You let your 14-year-old daughter throttle up blue smoke rings by the dinner table in front of her kids!!
you also let her wear her old engine Piston rings as dogCollars or HoopEarRings!!

at least people know her work is legit, even that SLAYER guitarist guy wears "her" studs on his left arm!! d:oP

2. The Blue Book value of your RMK goes up and down depending on how much gas is in it!!
true true,

and as far as a LoveLife!!, your RMK shocks have seen more ups and downs than your marriageBed after 21 yrs

3. You've been in 3 major HighSpeed accidents three times and still have the same cowling, frame, engine and spare parts!!

you've also left 3 major body parts somewhere out in theWoods too. But not to worry.
This is Alaska and you're all family!!

You've all shared EVERYTHING with each other over the years after each of you cras…

End of Year village!!Snews.....

2008 end of year Latest villageNews!!

*Packed Stan!! fires Nathan his Security Advisor,
after seeing Bootleg shipment intercepted by theVPSO

*Analysts suggest Chrysler can’t turn around company,
but boy, you should see even an 100lb female VPSO in theVillage
turn around a 2 ton car bringing in a shipment of alcohol!!

*theFox!! bidness: Adult entertainmentIndustry seeks bailOut,
after first a PullOut, followed by JerkOff, then a BlowOut!!

*villageSideKick: sensed samLee out in theWoods,
moments before thePartyBust and booze confiscation!!

*and now this advertisement
earn up to $40 towards helping pay for room rent in a small home
or to buy your first 5th to start your own bootLegging biz while serving your country!!
Use Amy!!, there’s Amy, then there’s AmyStrong

*Cold, Wild, Fired!! forced evacuation of hundreds......
from theVillages!! to theCities,
but then again, this has been cycling now for pretty much all of AK’s statehood anyway,
people mov…