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theSam!!'s top 20

theSam!!'s top 20 signs that thePrincess doesn't like you is currently in
the works.

Now for those of you here that don't know me, I'm Night Security for
one of the vaunted Princess Lodges here in AK.

Just which one? Your guess is as good as mine. I'm surrounded by trees,
and hot chicks/Princesses'.

Top 20 Signs that thePrincess Hates You.

20. You always get the the ATV (to patrol grounds) with the flate tires, no gas and a dead battery.

19. She sends you out on Bear watch……alone……with chicken patties, beef stroganoff, fish soup and ham sandwiches.

18. Instead of a really cool high powered Mag-Lite to see in theDark, thePrincess hands you a book of matches and a Bic lighter.

<strong>17. Your office / locker is also the Maintenance broom closet!

16. She refers to you as “Our Little Mascot” as she dresses you up in the poly-wool blend “Moose-theme suit” to send away the 8:00a.m. tourists or to receive the 5:00p.m. guests..

15. The job description in your con…