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Stand Up Sam!!

sam!! stands up while sitting down.

-this months Soldier is...
the soldier: theSam!! =:o) We'd interview someone more important but everyone else is currently out on Patrol or at checkPoint!!

sleeping out of:
tehMWR tent, actually I sit down in the bunkers next to theMWR Rec tent stare off at theHorizon and get accused of falling asleep by Sgts.

women tend to be excited by my:
absence from their presence.

my infomercial would sell:
packaged mediocrity to masses lower on humanity scale than thePeopleOfWalmert

one thing people say that stirs up an instant desire to throw a punch:
who cut your hair? (I often do)

if i were a ninja, i would:
trade my sword & throwing star in for an m-249 beltfed machinegun and an MRAP. Who needs to sneak around and be subtle these days?

worst humiliation ever suffered:
prostate exam by hotCougar at MEPS in Anchorage before reEnlisting into tehArmeh!!

fans recognize me by:
my resemblance to my facebook profilePic, It's theChubbyChins ya' know!!

mortal ene…