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The Princess Diaries

theSam!!!! presents

thePrincess Diary.
The crunch of gravel ground under his bicycle tires as he pedaled across theLodge grounds
and over to theLodge to eat.

A 1/4mile trip it was,
this Separation of theLodge from theEmployee housing was both good and bad for him.

He patrolled theLodge grounds each night and also had to attend to the Camping and
Drinking area off-grounds and see that the bonfire left each night by the young kids was Out.

ThePrincess Lodge was separate from Employee housing to keep Noise from bothering theGuests.
Too big of grounds to cover when he had to get to one end or other in a hurry, he had decided.

He was half-asleep yet pedaled smoothly across the driveway transitioning from soft gravel to hard pavement.
Half-aware of theLodge's white van that was approaching.
The van drivers gave him the right-of-way and let him pass.

It was just like them to be nice like that.
They smiled at his yawning and especially at the black tuft of hair on his head that stood Up.
He ha…