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RTB / returning to base even before leaving theFOB!!

who's Jan resolutions list "Reclassing to MotorPool" is number 2 on theList.
What's number 1?!  Become a Fobbit (a soldier whom never leaves theFOB / forwardOperationsBase)
And what's number 3?!  To eat IceCream, cos until he passes next APFT test, he's forbidden to eat iceCream n Pie, yet can drink 2 pops a meal right in front of his TeamLeader sgt!!

rated number one PT fail!! on theFOB, if only by himself d:o(

discovering that, the deeper and darker theLaundryStains, theQuicker the turn around time can be for getting his stuff back   d:o)

day 19 on the calender says, No Go Patrol, but he went on PT!!

lovs, theSam!!

Things Aren't Always What They Seem

Army Life,
You really wanna know what your heros are doing America?  Well, today. There was just a handful of us NOT going out on Patrol, we form up in PT gear and go out on the road running.

As is customary for us, on account of me the Slow Runner, the group goes on ahead and doubles back and cuts back again behind me where I end up as Lead Runner, often the group passes me again, and doubles back on up ahead as I keep running past them.

This very thing happened again this morning, only thing is, there were a dozen semi trucks sharing the road headed Off base and I was distracted by them as well as the ever present pain in my knees and ankles from running, Eventually I look around and I see no one from my group.

I keep running.

I go out about 1.5miles to the fuel station and return back the way I came, and I see no one from my group on the road, It's not pitch dark anymore either, theSun's coming up, the birds fly around, the light is much better and so is visibility as the morn…


PFC Flyinghorse, Samuel L
B Co, 1 - 30th Inf Bn
APO AE 09338

to reach theSam!!, just drop a note to theSnailMale!! himself, it just might make him run faster during morning PT!!
lovs, theSam!!