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a Pile of Shoes

it's currently 0400hrs, AKDT, I tossed and turned for a while in fitful sleep, then sat up, scooted over on my bed to within reach of my pianoKeyboard, turned it on and attached my Headphones (so I won't disturb any of my roomies in theOther AP rooms) and did some basic scales, now I feel much better that I've done that.

It was my first winter with my churchFoster family, those mormons that took me in for one school year to help me transition into a life full of better education & better Life opportunities as well, my homesickness was past yet most nights I fell asleep in tears missing Mama and lil' Sister Jess & lil' brother Allen (Charles, now deceased of Cancer)

I was born Lakota, had been infused?! (for lack of a better word right now at 4a.m.) had been given theDNA of my ancestors, passed down to me from my mother, those precious markers and traits that only theWomen can carry and pass down to their offspring,

I was taught Lakota, had been given the basic…

Monitoring Alaska's most Dazed-n-Confuzed DrugDealer!!

whos GreenApron!! is "sizing treated" making it MilkProof!!, FrappacinoProof!!, MochaProof!! and even waterProof!!

but apparently NOT criticismProof!! d:o/ -wtf!!-

for whom it can be said,
that trentReznor's NIN song, "everyDay IS exactly theSame!!" sounds exactly like a work week in Kiosk!!

in fact, theEyes ARE watching!!

*points to securityCam!! up above register*

whom has endured brutal Alaska winters, and even braved wearing ScubaBooties!! in subZero temps for a few years when he was VillageLawman,

(don't worry, there was always a nice warm fully fueled patrol vehicle close by!!, I'm just sayin')

and can go pretty much ALL winter without wearing a knitCap, but trying to get him into Produce Reefer every night to unpack Pastries for theNext day is like pulling teeth!!

who's Eyes!! were just a bit l-o-w and Front and Center!! one day when asking MsCleavage!! ( . )Y( . )

"what can I POUR for you today!?"

Kiosk Notes

Carrs Safeway, Anchorage, Alaska

Carrs Safeway Starbucks Barista

Starbucks Barista


hello everyone!!
theSam!! is happy that it's snowing once again here in theCity!!,
theBarista work is slowing down a bit, at least for me,

it seems now, after almost 2 months of Barista work, that when I get comfortable with my schedule moving up from 20-something hours a week, to almost 40hrs a week,

that something negative happens and I find myself being moved back to a part time schedule. And it all has to do with some problems that I seem to be having with Customer Service, as it all relates to representing Starbucks and theCarrs Safeway stores.

When I had someone call me on the phone in Sep, and sent me to an Group interview for Carrs Safeway, I had no idea that later on in this new line of work, Barista!!, that problems would pop up, I was only glad to be back to working and still staying within theFood & Beverage Industry that I have come to love.

when my "class" started at…

Gosh!!pull Hims with AcousticSam!! *hiccup!!*

1.A Home In Heaven
where Sam!! can't barge in at 3a.m.!!,

maybe 5 or 6, but not 3, or even 2,
heck!! Not even just after Midnight, just not after 3.

Maybe 5 or 6, but I've said this before right?!,
this is what happens when that idiot in uniform Tases YOU too many times....

2.Are You Walkin' And A-Talkin' For The Lord
We here in theVillage!! change theLyrics too,
"are you walkin' and talkin' WITHOUT theFORD!?"

cos, after we got Sam!! theCrownVictoria, then we started flattening theTires,
then someone STOLE theCV,


after that, Sam!! trudged up and down theVillage!! streets on patrol.

3.Church In The Wildwood
enjoying theSpirit!! together on Sunday,

so that later on during theWeek!!, we can all singly or collectively "Lurch",
stagger and stumble in theWild woods around theVillage!!


4.Crying In The Chapel
that my bottle's been confiscated by Sam!! again,

someone Fire!! that VPSO.

5.Family Bible
otherwise known as a "coloringBook",

but for more…

You Betcha!!


You Betcha!!

whom can’t believe it’s notSam!!

whom got On theBus!! and left theDriving to Gus!!

it was theHotBlondeChick driving tonights route...... Stan!!

whom got off theBus...

whom staggered OFF the...


Whom FellOFF theBus!! at his stop.


who’s so literal sometimes,

when looking at his cellPhone day date display saw that it was “12-11”
and thought he had missed his mothers birthday,

so he called and left a message Wishing her a HappyBirthday,
Upon sobering up theNext day,

saw that his cellPhone day date display read “13-11-2008”

oh well.
At least Son E. Boy!! remembered his Mothers B-Day THIS year.

not only wishing on a star,
but actually seeing one high up on theMtn above Anchorage!!

cos HillTop ski resort will open up this weekend!!

becoming more like an AlaskanBroad each day...

uh.. each years!!

First, his incessant eating of PopTarts and drinking of Pop got him theManBoobs!!
in theVillage!!

Later on in …