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Googled Village & Other Stalkings of theAlaskanPrincess!!

theSam!! fell asleep listening to his Idol!!, ms loreena McKennitt while accessing his youToob video account on theInternet, man she can sing.

(Unlike another of Sam!!'s fave music diva's who's name rhymes with "In ya", she just has loud background music and when "Inya" sings her mouth just opens. )

But getting back to talking about theLoreenaMcKennitt videos, like all good musicians, she can play a variety of instruments, just watch her on theSam!!'s youTube account.

I think she even takes over theSoundman's duties for a second, and then disappears behind theCamera for a second or two and zooms in on her Harp!! then pans her piano.then she goes off stage into theAudience and takes over Spectator duties as well, sitting there staring at theStage!!..............

she's got a big head alright to be a big new age music star and have literally thousands of MassageTherapy students, F…

Eat at Humpy's!!

theSam!! staggered and swayed from theHood!! into downtown.Darn pebbles and rocks getting into my running shoes.

Up da Down staircase of 5thAveMall to 4th floor and across theSkybridge.Everyone was leaving? and I was entering theMall.........

Follow MsBrunette & friend down to ground level and wonder how much theTribal tat cost on theLowBack while floating on theScent of just shampooed hair!!

Renta-cops in White shirt and hats were escorting someone around, one went UP theEscalators with a female, one was ahead of me going out theDoor with a female carrying a bank bag, the3rd standing up a level talking with someone.

FYE!! didn't have any japanese genre movies on file, as I had recently discovered some great movies that I saw "forFree!!"last year during an Showtime free movie weekend.

"theAssassins", two Jap warriors that met up and were hired to eliminate various local targets, ending up fighting each other and only one walked away, Jap language & english s…

Mission Memories

this Message is sponsered by Debt unde Taxes as it is literally time to pay theReaper / US G0v't anyway.

theBadCredit!! thought it would be just grand to be sponsored by that one Princess / Royalty chick-thePrincess Stefanie von Unde Taxes.. (sp?!)

Taxi, Toxy? Maybe it is "cab" related name because she's always being driven around in big Limo's and all. Sorry that I can't get her name right, Unvonde Tax....

err. something like that, she's theChick!! with wild hairstyles and such, NOT that I've been Googling her and all, honest!! But I'm just saying.

What better way to honor 15 April 2007 than by playing the worlds scratchiest Violin music in mourning?!

At least that's what theSam!! still sounds like.

Just look at it this way, if "Patches" theCalico cat can still be patiently waiting on the porch by theApt door night after night when theNightShift!! gets a ride from work, then at least theFirstPosition!! can't be so bad with scales as t…

Friends Survey

theSam!! gets lots of Chain mail like this survey.

Funny thing is, I once answered this kind of chainmail one time and one European girl that I answered stopped writing to me!!

But good thing is that she's now moved over to American and is living happily.

So I thought I would Post this and answer these questions once and for all to everyone!!

By theWay, Mother sent this too me.

The world is divided into two classes; those who believe the incredible, andthose who do the improbable.--Oscar Wilde

Friends Survey

Hope I receive it back from you. Read through the comments below about your friend and then make sure you read the instructions atthe bottom. Have fun!

1. Time you received this?
0235hrs, just got off work and a ride home via H-U-G-E Samoan girl co-worker in a tricked out L-O-W riding Cooper!!

2. What's your full name?
theSam!! of course. It's short for Son E. Boy, which is Me!!

ok, ok... my name is Samuel L. Flyinghorse,
theL is for Lazy, Loves food…

Happy Easter 2007!!

I had meant to say something off theCuff!! and from theHeart earlier, but kept putting it off.

I want to say something about Easter and share a few experiences.

As I grew up I was taught in theChristian ways of theLatter-Day Saints (theMormons).

While on theFarm in southeast Idaho, as part of an White foster family whom took me into their homes as part of theLDS churchwide, Indian Student Placement Program (now it's closed),

I learned more about Easter than the usual family gatherings and Easter-egg hunts, theEasterBunny making overnight deliveries of candy & goodies, etc.

I learned that Easter was also a time to reflect upon Jesus Christ and his Birth, Ministry & Death upon this Earth thousands of years ago.

In the 1970's era of Mormon Sunday services, we sang hymns about Jesus Christ and I remember that even an occasional Fast Sunday / a day where an Open mike on the Podium is available to Audience members to speak a few minutes, mostly on a small Special event near to the…

Facts About our Boy Sam!!

theFacts About our BoySam!!

theSam!! Official Bird,
Flip-Offus from theEndofTarmigan

theSam!!'s most elusive of game birds found in just about any region of theState!! where theSam!! visits.

This "bird" is small, pure Native white
(that color being even more Blinding-White than ANY Caucasian on thePlanet)
and it is unknown exactly what this bird eats.

Though this small game bird can often be seen holding Cigarettes, Cigars, Alcohol and then can just as quickly "Pop" up from theEnd of the Arm (again) and vanish when seen upon OTHER people,

theSam!! is just as quick to enunciate theFact!! that "his" lil ptarmigan can often be found typing on theKeyboard to Internet, holding an Violin bow daily for Practice,

can often be found fingering chords on a Guitar and most importantly can often be found wrapped around an Vanilla Steamer w/WhippedCream from Koladis coffee.

You'll often find these Other rare game birds out in theVillages!!, where they belong.

theSam!! O…

Easter Bunny Detained at Hareport!!

On 06 Apr 2007 @2000hrs
at UncleTedsInternational Hareport,
on 3rd Lapine level next to "theEaster"n Airlines kiosk,

I spotted a young Buck hopping around theAtrium in a wild frenzy,
then said YB would stop, kneel down on face & knees and puke his guts out.

There was remnants of those cute marshmallow easter peeps, undigested bits of chocolate bunny and leafs of lettuce all mixed in with JD & coke, grayGoose and beer.

As I knelt down to speak with theDrunkenBunny, he lifted his small oblong headand bared his two front incisors at me.

I notified Dispatch, and two female HareportPolice quickly pulled up in their HardShelled Cruiser (with their Tops down!!) and loped on over to assist in theDrunkenBunnyInvestigation.

HareportPoliceOfficer/HPO "newTrainee" Tiss stroked her long pink ears and then reached into her Huge Easter Basket of goodness and after fisting theWorn container,

Produced a small can of OC Spray / Mace, just in case theDrunkenBuck would dare nip at her …

Village Blessings!!

Village-Lord of theRings!!
(those cute small Nickel-plated kind worn by Legions of my Fans!!)

One AST Oversite to watch them all,
One Warrant to find them,
One VPSO to bring them all,
and in theHolding Cell bind them!!


I love the options for this winXP system that I have.
Lately I've been using the DSL linked pc to go online.
So there's tons more "subject matter" that I've posted here and there
and can't remember all of what I said.

But here's a few things that automatically pop up from all the chats and forums
that I post to when I double clickthe subject line.

A is for Apple.
a former vpso speaks out.

A Former LDS Lamanite Indian Student Placement Program member speaks out.
a long story......short!

alaska village runs out of water.
Are you saying I'm fat?

Banana Republic.
Breaking Up in Alaska is Hard to do.....

Broccoli and Cheese.
Chistochina Fun Days this weekend...

camel toe?
Culture in a Can.

Custer's Last Stand.

Face down in theGutt…