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New fon. It's zero d

New fon. It's zero degrees. Lots of snowfall. I can't imagine living anywhere else. Lovs. Sam!!

Happy Veterans Day o

Happy Veterans Day out there. 0 deg F in village. House is warm inside at 90s. LOL. darn woodstove. Lovs. Sam!!

One Year

At the prodding from a friend I came back to my blog and now I post something.
Not much to say cos I say it all on Twitter ( SLFlyinghorse ) and on faceBook, and in chat and Email.

October is a good month, because one year ago I came back from Iraq. Freedom is something we all take for granted. And freedom is something we all don't have at times either. But we Americans have it more than most people on the planet and in our current possession of Democracy we want others to have it too.

One year ago I stepped off the plane at HunterArmyAirfield in Georgia and couldn't believe I was "home". Days, Weeks, Months and hopefully still YEARS after, I would walk all over base or out theFrontGate and across town of Hinesville GA to Walmart or to eat at a restaurant, to play pool & drink & smoke, I looked all around me and saw the beauty of things I took for granted.

Leaves fell from trees, grass seemed greener, I walked in the rain and loved it, the cars zooming by we…

Sat on massageChair

Sat on massageChair & used bed to draw on. Just doodled. Always remember the basic shapes. I suck w/ lettering.

Sat on massageChair.

Sat on massageChair.

Art on my mind. wann

Art on my mind. wanna see what tattooWork is like. Drawing nude chicks w/ ink work on them!!

It's the lil' things

It's the lil' things I remember. One girl didn't want hickeys. Another would erase her pictures. Watch small things

Watching massage vid

Watching massage videos. Leo cat kneading me. Ouch!! Guess he wants out.

Another great day. E

Another great day. Ended w/ steambath. Smoke 'em if ya' got 'em!!

Cassiopia above. 3 r

Cassiopia above. 3 rollYourOwn cigs down. 1 drawing tonight. Colder outside. Aurora barely visible. I love Alaska!!

When ArmySam!! drink

When ArmySam!! drinks he says. Im a Soldier too. After his vision blurs he says. Im a Soldier 5!!

With 2 wars & thousa

With 2 wars & thousands of troops deployed theMilitary is doing anything to improve its image. Sam was booted out!

Since he's now 44. w

Since he's now 44. when asked what he'd like next year to jump out of his cake, "a bottle of stoli!!"

tehVillage!! the pla

tehVillage!! the place to meet villageChixxx!!...that just want to drink with you!!

Fresh posts right fr

Fresh posts right from theVillage!! to make your life worth living!!

Sam!!'s clothes are

Sam!!'s clothes are so dirty he can stand up his shirt & pants anywhere and people think it's HIM!!

His Village!! is so

His Village!! is so dumb when he says he served 2yrs they think he just got outta jail!! d:oP

This is theMueyCalie

This is theMueyCaliente!! post. but only cos Sam!! ate hot picanteSauce with chips & pop. d:o(

Glennallen trip. Clo

Glennallen trip. Clouds,blue sky. Tastyfreeze food!

Eyebrows grow back d

Eyebrows grow back dont they? fuel on garbage then lighter...FOOM!!

It would have been g

It would have been great to keep up my interest in skydiving & scubadiving when I was Army. incentive to be fit.

I laugh at ArmyComba

I laugh at ArmyCombatives. You just wrestle. With me. 2 maybe 3 strikes & you're crippled or dead.

I feel sorry for the

I feel sorry for the Army. Most of those Soldiers dont know what to do when bullets run out. They have no clue.

More of a Warrior th

More of a Warrior than me. First of all. Im fullblood Native. That settles the issue of Warriorship.

I was there in unifo

I was there in uniform and experienced being treated like shit by people who considered themselves as being.......

I feel sorry for our

I feel sorry for our ArmyInfantry. Most of those Soldiers don't know anything about combat. I saw them myself.

Titles, Rank, Presti

Titles, Rank, Prestige mean little to me. I care more about earning, giving & getting respect.

Its negative attitud

Its negative attitudes of Cliquish people like that which keeps us good people from helping our Army & our country.

I entered Army as E-

I entered Army as E-3. Private First Class. Then Sgts & Spc teamleaders lied, accused me and got me demoted.

The Army is like tha

The Army is like that though. And it hurts itself in the long run by not taking advantage of each Soldiers talents.

As Prior Service exp

As Prior Service experienced as I was. I was overlooked and considered as beneath army Privates.

We saw no wildlife o

We saw no wildlife on our way up to our WildernessCabin. Just cute bunnies. I dont shoot bunnies anymore.

More depressedSam!!

More depressedSam!! practicing fireArms disarming w/ partner & they use a REAL loaded gun!! d:oP

...the motions of ha

...the motions of hand to hand, Edged & Impact weapons training. I knew all that before I was Army Infantryman.

The best way to trai

The best way to train in selfDefense is like boxing. You hit each other in boxing. In SCARS/TFT you go through....

My Cosmetology years

My Cosmetology years, the Skincare, bodyWax, & massage instruction videos & dvds are R & X rated. LOL!!

I have Team mates. I

I have Team mates. I have Battle buddies. LOL i dunno about Army Warrior Companions... sounds gay.

Cool!! Watching old

Cool!! Watching old SCARS & TFT videos & dvds. Glad I was trained in combat 20 yrs ago like this.

"I intend to go into

"I intend to go into harms way" AlaskaStateTroopers/VillagePublicSafetyOfficers


VillageCountrySam!! has no house, no wife, no car, no job yet still he plays like he never had these to begin with!

depressedSam!! still

depressedSam!! still village, still inebriate, still theOne everybody gets mad at when things go wrong!! d:o(

tehVillage!! Masteri

tehVillage!! Mastering the art of Inebriation even when Sober!! sadly, Sam still needs decades of practice!!

It dont take much to

It dont take much to tell peeps theVillage!! is the bestest place to live. But we've ALL been telling Sam to move!!

TheVillageBuzz!! oft

TheVillageBuzz!! often that noise around deadMoose or Caribou, or Sam when unwashed & passed out drunk in the yard!

TheVillage!! newYear

TheVillage!! newYear newYou and this post like your bottle, it's halfway through!!


ExtremeVillageMakeover!! HomeEdition. Sam repairs tent w/ ductTape. Restraints self w/ rest!! d:oP

Ez piano CDs on my t

Ez piano CDs on my tv DVD player. winds blow. cant burn more brush now. opening up totebox.

Got my 4th totebox i

Got my 4th totebox in the mail. chat w/ stateTroop in line waiting for construction pilot car. he said do VPSO work

Can you see the moon

Can you see the moon and stars? Casseopia and bigDipper are where they should be. I am too. Only in Alaska!!

sunny day. almost go

sunny day. almost got free beagle but girls wanted $400. as if IzzyPom & 3 cats aren't enuf for us.

Rollin my cigs now.

Rollin my cigs now. saves $. lov the quiet in wilderness. got last military pay. savin it for apt.

Haven't been here fo

Haven't been here for awhile but I'm back. I'm back in Alaska w/ my family after being in the Army 2 yrs. lovs. Sam