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More of theSam!!'s topCountry

more CountryTunes from one who's not only OUT of tehCountry!!, but he's still out of tune!!

1. highway20Ride!!
....going down MSR and seeing that poor bicyclist giving about "20" of his countrymen a ride.....down tehHighway.

2. AmrikanHoney!!
....we peek atchoo in your CHU,
we leer atchoo in your sleep.... you should shut your webCam off.

3. a lil' more Country thanThat!?

it's not hard to imagine a dirt road, or even potholes, hell. Our potholes will blow your ass up!!

4. temporaryHome!!
just another stop, right here i'll flop in my temporary... erh, in my CHU!!

5. tillSummer comes around!!
in fact, it's already here, even at christmas and newYears!!
i should know, i spent both midnights footPatrolling and laying in garbage watching for insurgents to mortar the FOB!!

6. ain'tBack yet!!
yes, i feel like i been gone forever too,

7. gimmieThat girl!!
the one in theBlackHijab, w/ black gloves to give me handJob or you can use mine!!

8. ain't back yet!!
6 mor…

a SoldiersPerspective

(based on real events)
Kirkuk, Iraq

Today being Saturday, it was Wednesday a.m. when I woke up from a brief 2hr rest in cold sweat prodded awake by a recurring nightmare of a Village-scene lived through years ago when I was PublicSafety,

My green PX bought sheets were literally wet in sweat and my tucked in PT shirt was getting warmer from urine. I squeezed my bladder to stop but couldn't.  I hopped from bed and quickly changed, put away the wet sheets into theHeavy green laundry bag, inspected and then folded up the heavy sportsTeam logo blanket given to me by KBRbilleting, it too was damp from moisture.

After I left theVillage!! years ago I started having nightmares about certain events, of trauma that happened to others, of what I saw and went through Often alone w/ no one else to help me, and over the years theBad dreams melted away and became a distant memory.

Until now, when halfway around theWorld while in service to my country, I found mysel…

theSam!!'s top 25 Things!!

top 25 Things theHaji chefs will never tell you!!
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i know this is weird, but when I posted these to faceBook it was formatted better, and besides, you have to read from theBottom up!! tongue-out

Samuel Flyinghorse tada!! *drumRoll* theSam!!'s top25 Things theDFACchefs Will NeverTell You!! (((insert your own comment here))) lovs, theSam!!

Samuel Flyinghorse tS!!t25TtDFACcWNTY!! 24. we recycle as much as we can too ya' know, We roll thePieCrusts w/that ExhaustTubing when that last MRAP got hit by IED, and we preRoll extra PaniniSandwiches w/TireTread, we Still sign for foodShipments with Sgt ButterFingers hand after last years DFAC bombing!! Blank Stare

Samuel Flyinghorse tS!!t25TtDFACcWNTY!! 23. Wow, almost 25 to go. This totally strains credibility listing these things, not like Khamed though, when he strains theFruitPuree for morning breakfast, he does so like you stomp grapes but this is Iraq, we let our donkeys help out too!! WTF