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Happy Memorial Day 2007


At theAirport earlier today there was tons of traffic rolling through theTerminal Ramps.
It was my day off but I was earning Over Time pay, so for once I was happier about working.

I saw theHearse and, at first I thought it was a commercial Limo vehicle, but no. It was a hearse.
And it was parked in theCenter lane, and another pickup was parked behind it, a soldier walked quickly from thePickup up to theHearse.

Oh no... a Soldier is inconvenienced by theHearse blocking him and he's going to yell at theHearse driver....Or so I thought.

As at theAirport, this very thing happens about ever two days, various drivers ticking each other off and arguing with each other if not arguing with US security.

But this situation was different.theSoldier was speaking quietly with theHearse driver and as I stepped up to listen to theConversationI looked in back of theHearse,

looked past theDrivers shoulders and observed an American Flag-draped Coffin.

A soldier was on his way home and his Esco…

You Might Be a PrincessEmployee If!!!!

Well, summer is here and once again theChain Lodges and Resorts lift their ugly heads and wake up from slumber to once again welcome theHordes of Terroris... I mean, Tourists!!

But before theTango's arrived, theKidz!! were here first, via planes trains & automobiles and Thumbs!!

I found these Signs on theNet, and like all things Cordial, I just gave them an AlaskanTwist!!

Signs that You're an AlaskanPrincess!! Employee

Signs You're a Drunk!!
-You lose arguments with inanimate objects.

to Include the 0400hrs yelling match with the 90" plasma screen in Employee housing Lounge, theBookcase full of novels and Monday mornings shoving match with NightSecurity's parked pickup truck.

although we would technically classify HR, PayRoll and theLeadMgr as "Inanimate" too we advise you to cease any arguing with them at 2000hrs, 2330hrs, 0200hrs, 0400hrs and 0600hrs respectively.

-You believe that spilling a beer is Alcohol abuse.

and you still haven't forgiven Mark…

theSam!! still Crazy After All These Years!!

still Crazy After All These Years!!

Did we mention that he's also Unemployed too!?

doing unto Villagers what he certainly hopes will never be done to Him!!

more fun than a Night in Jail!!
His Nasally Whine is non Alcoholic
Yet oddly enough, you keep hearing it and you keep drinking.

still not sure if theUpperBout and theLowerBout has anything to do with anatomy
of his Violin and more to do with an DVE/domestic violence event at theTop (north end) of theVillage!! or towards theBottom (south end) of theVillage!!

still not sure if theTailpiece!! has anything to do with anatomy of his Violin and more to do with a well rounded posterior of any cute VillageChick!!


still Lazy after all these Years
preferring instead, to just spray interior of theHouse with OC and step outside waiting for theCoughing Misdemeanants to run out into his waiting, everlasting, Loving arms!!

preferring instead to Not Chase any fleeing Villagers, but j…

VillageSloganz!! Part Doh!!

More Village Sloganz

powered by PopTarts & BoxMilk!!
Motivated by good clean living Villagers

if Hating him is wrong, no one wants to be Right!!

like a Bug on theWindshield of Village!!

his Rep & Results can’t be Beat!! Just his Villagers

and while we’re at it, he’s really annoying too!!
really weird, really dumb, really stupid and I mean..
really!! come on!!

making Village!! dreams come true for theLast 2.5 yrs,
but only if you aspire to spend hours on end in Custody in Cuffs!!
and then to spend a few weeks or a few years in Jail!!

there is no Life without theSam!!
he’s nonstop entertainment. I mean, you shoulda’ heard him at last months
VillageCouncil meeting expecting us to help out in keeping alcohol out of
theVillage!!, and then there was the time when..........

making sure that Your Future is shiny and bright........per every 1.5million candle
power SpotLight he uses each month!!

you’ve got it!!
gee, sure…

theAlaskanPrincess & Sam!! Fistfight at theAirport!!

Originally I had saved this on the server for a few weeks but some of it got erased. So I ended up posting newer materials.

I was going to go with this theme here;
theAlaskanPrincess!!, theHot msCelebrityCoozeLines, theGorgeous Ms IcelandicTours and theSam!! fistfight at theAirport!!

(ohh.... and a few girls from Baggage too!!)

But I'm no longer working at theAirport and quite frankly, I don't care to think of that place anymore. So I'm going ahead and posting some Help Wanted descriptions that thePrincess!! herself penned for me to post.

I looked at her young face, noted some fresh Impact scrapes and blemishes upon one side of her beautiful Native face and she just winked at me and socked me in the arm!!

she might be a small cute gal, but she packs twice her weight in a LoveTap!!

So my scribblings of job descriptions and what not began from this

Meets, greets, seats and serves guests

and if necessary-Beats guests with Spoons, Serv…

Auntie M!!

Auntie M.

when I was 6yrs old, mother left me with a family relative for a few hours, this was in a reservation community literally miles away from civilization, stuck in nowhere s. dakota and yet it was home to me,

I trusted my older 'auntie', theGirl that watched me that day, and I still do, we had only each other for company in a big HUD built house and what ever I wanted to do at the time, myAuntie eagerly agreed,

outside theHouse was an makeshift basketball court of hard packed dirt 40'x60' and this former Lawn doubled as an baseball play area too,

we played 1 on 1 baseball for about 30mins or so,
she'd pitch to me, I'd hit that ball and run to first base, but myAuntie was always faster than me and she'd catch me at first or almost to second base,

round and round we'd go, over and over and over again, she never got tired of it, never got tired of playing with me and even when I was having fun at the time, my young mind was screaming in Boredom,

to get out…