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May 2006

Live Fast
One of our young Village beauties crashed her car recently and is in the hospital paralyzed.

So please keep her in your prayers everyone.
And don't forget the sick and afflicted in your own circle of family, friends and acquaintances where ever you are.

theBoy's gotta eat!!
I am pleased to say that I have steady work here in Anchorage.
I had found a place to live and then went looking for employment and I succeeded.

I'm even on Food Stamps!! and my how times have changed.
Because instead of those cute little "check-sized" coupon books, I was issued a plastic debit card from theState. And my PIN # arrived days later from Florida.

In another paycheck or two I will be on my own, capable of feeding myself and buying my own monthly bus pass, as theState issued me a One Month pass for May.

I type on my laptop at theApt after hours and I scribble notes in my writing pads now and then.
Writing, writing, just writing and then organizing my work.

I will start to mix mater…