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Villages plead for resources to fight crime. AnchorageDailyNews article


Anchorage Daily News

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Villages plead for resources to fight crime

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Villages plead for resources to fight crime

SAFETY OFFICERS: A Senate task force supports a $4.45-per-hour raise and filling 64 new positions.


Published: January 29th, 2008 12:01 AM
Last Modified: January 29th, 2008 02:54 AM

Big pay raises and a doubling in force size are needed for the Village Public Safety Officer program, which is severely underfunded and under-equipped to fight crime in the Bush, according to an Alaska Senate task force report finalized Monday.

To improve -- and, in some cases, create -- law enforcement in Bush villages, the task force is recommending a nearly $4.45-per-hour increase in officer wages and the hiring of 64 safety officers in villages that have too few or none, which would more than double the existing force…


....everyone at YVC partied!! wooohooot!!

An forum posting that I answered recently got me to thinking, and for a while I couldn't figure out where that "burning smell" came from either!!

Celebrity deaths notwithstanding, or Outstanding, or FaceDown, cold,

theSam!! once again faces his own mortality and stares death in theFace!!

then he sweetly kisses her face, and plays with her hair....

and then she pulls more blankie over to her side and rolls over,
Leaving him a wee bit colder!!

It's dead of winter now and snow is falling here in Anchorage and she wants to keep the window open at night!!,

She's too hot!!,

"Quit touching me, you smell like wetPotatos, Go shower before you sleep!!"

At least Death!! wears flawless makeup even in theSack!! and she leaves her WhiteReeboks by theDoor.
d:oO !!

A Village Funeral!!

things to do with theSam!!'s cadaver / corpse after "he" goes kaput!!

Option 1:
Prop me up by th…

An iVillage Playa' Speaks Out.

Alert!!, Alert!!, Alert!!

You are currently using an incompatible browser or an outdated version of
iVillage!!PeeknWindowsVidPlayer to access the video player on this site.

Please read the troubleshooting tips below for more information.

Do not show me this page ever, EVER again!



Text Size

Shoe Size


Video Player Troubleshooting Tips
Also on YVCInc!!

About ‘dis Playah and his Features

MAC USERS: Ha!! As if...........

1. What do you recommend for me to view video?
a couple shots o’ Crown&Coke!!, or PeppermintSchnapps!!

2. What operating system do I need to use the iVillage!!PeeknWindowsVP?!
theLatest system you can get at any CussLess!! or theSam!!’sClubb...
Wait.... never mind, as any system now adays is obsolete once it’s left theDevelopershands!!

3. What browsers can I use to use the Video Player?
any iVillage!! browser will do, as they all need something to do,

We recommend any iVillage Slacker as well, or any iVillage Inebriate / Tra…

7 SillySam!!'s

theSam!! posts another silly MySpaceBulletin........
on his stupid blog!!

the 7 deadly sins survey

Body: stiff, cold, stacked in theCloset with theOther bodies, and as always,
very good Looking!!

Per real life happening now, some answers here were changed from theOriginal response from theSam!!,

as in Age, proximity to cute ServerGirls!!, breakfast & bra-Size and of fighting with an current girlFriend!! >:o(

----------------- Bulletin Message -----------------
From: Angeline
Date: Jan 19, 2008

1. Who did you last get angry with?
Whomever I called today and none returned my calls!! >:o(

2. What is your weapon of choice?
My mind, cos it's the persons brain that is most dangerous, doesn't matter whom they are or age, gender, healthwise, So. Yeah,

I prefer my gray mattress.. er.. Matter!!

3. Would you hit a member of the opposite sex?
BTDT, had to use force to effect detentions & arrest when I was working, Yes, if I had a good reason.

4. How about of the same sex?
BTDT to effect det…

Hey Yoo!!

thePlagiarist!! presents, another Storybook Installment direct from theHeadlines!!
all for his own sake!!

It really has nothing to do with you theReaders!!
This one is hot off thePress from the HeyYou!! PersonalsIntroduction Site which so far has only 1 member, uh.. Me!!


Can This Sam!! Be Saved?

How to Know When It's Time for theBoi!! to go.

Michellin GoodYear!!, author of PayScale’s down dot com, and prolific
disposer of VPSO’s when they're high speed chasing bootleggers and the Tires just go Kaput!! on theVehicles.

-Print: first install more paper dummy!!
-Email: but first get all your contacts to “Unblock” you!!
-IM: who are you kidding?!
-Bookmark: erhh. Sam, we don’t mean for you to stick another tacky ribbon or gold chain up to theScreen, that’s not what “Bookmark” means,
-delicious: Which pretty much describes all cute females and basically any foods!!
-Digg: and bury!!

We've all been there.
Sunday night rolls around and suddenly us VillageCouncil!! members a…