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theSam!! Insults (again!!)

Hey everyone, I'm theSam!!
Don't take yourself so seriously!! d:oP

theStylistSam!! Insults!!......

theCompleteSalonClient Care Guide, Version 3
(circa 1997, although an 2007 / 2008 edition is still in theWorks, You still have to hit MegaCastle for theRight periodicals to help “Illustrate this delicate Salon Procedure!!)

if You cannot or DareNot!! contact theHusband / BoyFriend / Girl!!Friend of theClient, then Panic and follow theAdvice you wrote below!!

Page 14 ParaffinWax Applications!!

is impregnated with hotParaffin Wax, but herOutside netherBits, is not completely vanished!!

reach over to DresserStand, Reach INTO clients WarBag!! (purse) and take length of linen or Cotton, (Wrapper is labeled “Maxi”)

Insert tapered end until out of sight and then Draw through Client by pulling out!! (that IS what theSTRING is for!!)

You may have to reInsert and draw again to completely coat INSIDE with hotParaffinWax evenly.
Leave Cotton section on it’s end while…

theSam!! IS a MySpaced bulletin!!

Sam!!'s MySpace Bulletin!!
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theSam!! posts yet another SillyBulletin!!

theSam!!'s CompleteGuide to Eating at theSteakHouse!!



Yes theGirls!! do.

Just don't lose YOUR checks, your creditCards or your CellPhones while having sex in theJohn!!, them HOT girls just hate competition while on theJob!!

and if one of our girls is from Estonia, prague or close by, it literally IS a czech writing!!

-What is theMost number of guests that can go on a singleTicket!!
Haddie has theCorrect answer.

"as many as I damn well please!!, cos I'm 22, Single, I have flawless skin and perky Hoobs!!, and btw, 8 people!!"

-What do you use when there are more Guests than this!?
theDummoSam!! answered this question by throwing in theTowel!! after 8.

5 months of working!!

Really, he threw in his apron and never came back, then went home with a Popo Galfriend, and her Dad used to be a Capt in theMilitary!!


a Captain…

theVillageSam!! is supposedly happier.

Dear BlogReaders!!,
this Post's for you,
just 4 u.
Village Men Are Supposedly Happier People!!

“village!!“ men are supposedly happier people...

dogSled reject!!, still warm, still limp, still in back of theVPSO’s truck a week “after” being shot, and while theOfficer is parked outside school w/ tailgate “down” and facing “away” from theSchool windows for that days DARE classes!!


If GranmaLaura, auntieKate and schoolTeacherSarah go out for lunch, they will call each other Laura, Kate and Sarah.

If UncleMike, Officer!!Dave and jrJohn go out, they will affectionately refer to each other as Fat Boy, Godzilla and Four-eyes.

This because UncleMike really IS FAT and really IS an uncle to officerDave,
whom btw IS theVPSO and everyone knows that theVillage!! VPSO just thinks he’s God out there!!

As for lil JrJohn, he’s Blind!! but lovs to wear cool shades with “fuckYou” fingerIllustrations and other coolHeadGear yearRound!! - some…

George Carlin, May 12 1937 - June 22 2008RestInPeace!!

You can find our hero all over theNet!!
I cut and paste a few things I found.

Mama even had an vinyl album from him for a long time.
I got a kick out of listening to it from time to time.

George Carlin, 71, Irreverent Standup Comedian, Is Dead

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Published: June 24, 2008

George Carlin, the Grammy-Award winning standup comedian and actor who was hailed for his irreverent social commentary, poignant observations of the absurdities of everyday life and language, and groundbreaking routines like “Seven Words You Can Never Say on Television,” died in Santa Monica, Calif., on Sunday, according to his publicist, Jeff Abraham. He was 71.
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NBC, via A…

theSam!! Gets Musically Evaluated!!

....we're still working on getting theMental eval enforced btw!! d:oP
But of course, we all know theBoy!! is still crazy after all these years!!
crazy like a Fox!!

theSam!! Evaluates songs for KBER 104......

*theSam!! points at Something!!*
(and shrugs!!)

I love doing these Online musicRadio song surveys,
but I guess theGodz!! don’t want me to win freeConcertTickets,
Trips to an localEatery to fineDine!!,
or to get my hands on an 2008 fully loaded Chrysler PT cruizer!!

I’ll say “NoThanks!!”, on thePTC, cos,
I’m kinda stuck on theMiniCooper!! that’s been bodyDropped, CamLifted, Louver’ed, Lubed,

Clubbed!! and had theWindows “snubbed” (shot out with a snubNose 40cal revolver!!)
Yeah, I got huuggee!!, hot!!, and tatted IslanderGF’s!!

BTW, One girls not sure if “she” got shot or not, herz so big!!
she sed she “thot a moeskeeta layndaid on her ahm!!”

Here’s theList of songs that theSam!! got to evalyooate!!

for most CountryMusic fans, they’d sit and listen to theList …

Even LandLords Get theBlues!!

drinking Rum till he can’t feel his face!!,
but his scalp is still Warm and Tingly!!

still Highly suspicious and questionable after all these years!!

a Walking Contradiction!!,
partly Spoof!! and partly Intervention!!

still hugging and teazin’ at work!!
And still gettin’ theFrontLineGirls!! after him cos he won’t leave thePastries,
thePasta!! or theFriedBread alone!!

whom apparently didn’t get the”Cease & Desist!! this InfernalBlog!!” memo,

whos toes still SMART!! after he decided to have Crab for Dinner!!,

he cut theRubberBand off theClaw!!, IT pinched him and scurried off theKitchenCounter,

clambered under theDiningTable, THEN pinched Sam!!’s foot before clattering off under theFridge!!



more Steak & Spinach, Pie & iceCream for me then.

“and I’m watching DiscoveryChannel instead of NYPDblue like you wanted!!”

whom, when asked, “are you ON anything!?”

Responds, “Fallen arches and flat feet!!”

somewhat Distorted,