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Lunch time

at thePrincess brings in crowds from miles around.
They walk in, bus in, drive in, bike in, even FLY in.

Even a hitch hiker detoured to stop in at theLodge (theSam!!! saw him-theHitcher-on the way to Glennsallen for Slimfast and Milk.)

But nothing beats the occasional spectacle of theHelicopter fly in.

Today an Alaska Pipeline Security helo dropped in to eat.
Normally they drop in North of theLodge, just yards away from the Dumpsters.

But last time they did this they left trash swirling everywhere and not to be
walked upon by APS team,

thePrincess left her Salmon, mushrooms and beets upon the kitchen cutting boards
and met the APS-1 helo Pilot outside theLodge with a box of rubber gloves, a few trash bags and "that LOOK" upon her beautiful Native face-before she ducked
back into theLodge to continue cooking for herGuests.

Today when the APS Helo 1 started to hover in to land by theLodge, the enclosed dumpster came to life with papers, bags and boxes all aflutter upon the downdraft …