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Twas theSam!! Before Christmas.

"thePassAroundGirls were passed out by Sam!!s TF w/ care,
one hoped that theMPs soon would be there,
As Sam!! in his PTs and TAG (theArmyGirlfriend) eating her burritoWrap,
did snuggle the bunk for a long postDrunk nap,
When out in theLot there arose such a clatter,
Sam!! sprang to his feet hoping LilDragon was bringing his tenfuPupu platter"
-from "theSamBeforeChristmas!!"
a FaceBook post from 2010 fortStewart, Georgia era.
I used to write some stupid shit,
Still do!!
Merry Christmas 2017 everyone.

Snow Monster!! :P

this is the cat's Igloo shelter.
It's all covered in about a foot of snow from recent Dec 2017 snow storm for us.
We easily got about 18inch or more in a few hours.
So I stepped off Mom's porch and then had to step back and take a hard look at this before I busted out laughing...... Then I too my finger and made the eyes and nose.
Humor in all things... is my Motto.

White Lakota Tipi.

a simple thing for most people.
a novelty.
but you sell it to a Native family, and there's a Son in that family who is strange.
He remembers various Incarnations upon Earth for last 250yrs at least.  And has alluded to this upon other social media posts. He remembers being w/ his mother a few months before he was born, he remembers his birth and remembers all the dead people & other things he saw since then. All his life.
You give someone an icon to his native culture like this and wow.
It comes alive for an Awake person.
you get incredible sleep dreams and memorable OBE/out of body experiences and meditation is life changing while inside this..... this novelty.
Currently there's a bed inside, small dresser, night stand, sofa and a chair. And a partial Ozan overhead.
This is just a shadow of once was for lakota ancestors, let alone for today in 2017.
Looking at it is a lesson in Sacred Geometry.
Sitting in an empty tipi is a lesson upon the Atom and other structure that m…

Pic From theNet

Stole this pix from a astronomy site from facebook.
Isn't it cool that you can take a photo or drawing of a Lakota Tipi and insert it in middle of the vortex of this photo?
Like a Cone, each side / end of this illustration points its smaller end towards the middle.
So what object, what structure, what cultural icon from an ANCIENT indigenous culture here on Earth has survived the ages and is still Looked Upon by the world? a Lakota Tipi / a plains Indian tipi.
One tipi in my yard, presently, has the top exposed poles sticking so far up you could almost put another tipi cover on upside down and have 2 tipis. :P
But whether it's my 2 tipis in the yard or what ever I illustrate / doodle on social media or by what ever example I post, it's showing You that my Lakota people knew of the old ways of space travel. My people of Old knew of manipulating of Time & Space.
We traveled in such advanced devices, You just had to step in and could be where ever you chose to be (starGa…

Shopping Wish List.

Love my boogieBoard.
Then Mom got another one for me, a Jot BB.
I slapped it atop this one and secured them to the BookSize nylon case I carry my 2 smart phones / accessories / $ / ID etc within. The case is as big as the blue BB and about 2.5" thick when packed with shit.
Never lose your innerChild and creativity.
Sam. Dec 2017

Lakota Sam!!

I humor myself.
And I drink and smoke, nothing but hard distilled spirits and menthols for me.

Lakota Pictograph Samuel L Flyinghorse HunkpapaLakota from Instagram

slflyinghorse_hunkpapalakotaLakota Pictograph.
11 items.
My timeline.
If you do your own start center and spiral out. If you box yourself in it means you will die soon.
I will post later.
1. August, Month of chokeCherries. Under certain star alignment. My 1st name Mama called her lil' Boy.
2. Consciousness w/ Mom before my birth. During. Afterwards. I was aware of 2 females in the house I was born in, the Dots under my feet.
a Main picture can be symbolized.
Anything under or next to is of something deeply spiritual or holy to you, What happened, a count of times.
3. I was born to a SpeaksWalking woman. Female symbol and trail she leaves in life, Eternal, Great and lasting like Galaxy out there.
4. I see Dead People. Toddler crawling around & seeing an Uncle visit us the day he died. My first, a lifetime of seeing Unseen since.
Creator visited me 5x in life, Both of them. Man to left, Breasted beautiful motherGoddess on right.
2 sacred artifacts/experiences rec…

Doodle w/ Text

Still doodling here and there on paper or on my Jot BoogieBoard, or my Crayola LightBox w/ dryEraseCrayons (yes, still a kid at heart and found the lightBox in thrift store)

Lakota are from StarPeople.
I write about such things extensively on twitter, faceBook, no time to explain here.
The doodle here.
upper Right is a BlackHole, you follow an object making a path into swirling galaxies, and one path breaks away (Lakota StarPeople settling here and there while others move on) and onto another blackHole and through it.
On left side, you see a Tipi doodling sitting inside a Sphere.

These are things I've found out about MY lineage. My people.
You might not believe such things, it's My bloodLine I follow, not Yours.
Find your own way and be happy w/ that as I am happy w/ my own life and discovering my own Native heritage.


Tipi Cover Doodle picture

Snow covered tipi.
15min I smoke and talk.
For my Lakota culture these tipi and other sacred shapes are remnant of the great People we once were thousands and millions of years ago.
What survives today from theHumanBeings is what you see in our People today: the Language, theStorys, theDrums & Dance, our Medicine, in our Names and Faces.
Some of us, within theHumanBloodLine, are still awake to the Great Mysteries that Creator shared with us here on Earth.
These things will never die and we will never perish.
You nonNatives also descend from Creator. Find your own People, find your own Path here in life and tune in to Source, to the Universe.
Pray / Meditate daily. Find yourself first, Make your Self happy first and then go help others. And do this for FREE.
-Lakota Warrior

SamuelLee FlyinghorseNovember 26 at 6:39am Other Side of the Door
at first, she, like other young girls do,
followed her matriarch around and mimicked her cleaning activities,
helping w/ dishes and preparing foods for theLakota men,
her toddling hands tended the old wood burning stove and balancing upon a chair she stirred the soups and watched her grandmother cook the meats,

from a young age she learned to make breads and followed lifelong the recipes,
but from all these women folk activities it was the floor sweeping that fascinated her.
at first, the small, broken wisk broom was hers to command and piles of dust soon stood up tall at her feet, proud and soldierly, then Granma would scoop up the dust, discarding it outside.
she followed such domestic habits later on in life,

her younger brothers, in haste moving through the house-eager to grab something from their room and depart would sometimes step on her dust piles, "sorry Sis",
In time, her first born Son…

December 2017

December 2017

December 2017
The children are getting so big but still cute and tiny.
This December weather is crazy warm. But a blessing in disguise because I have no more wood and the toyo stove isn't working anymore so I took it to local repairman friend of ours.
The fam is visiting South Dakota this holiday season so I watch our village houses. You'll find me more on facebook, twitter and instagram.

Sep 2017 Update

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