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Every Good Boy Does Fine

July 2005 it is.
Here with thePrincess I find time to sit down at her piano and peck out tune or two on the ivory keys.

Ebony and ivory living together and under my fingers in slight disharmony-at least for the time being. Sometimes I still hear the voice of my childhood piano teacher, Mr's Wallace.

She was a nice woman, reminded me of that actress-Sandy Duncan.
Mrs Wallace was smiley, friendly and I trusted her.

About once a week or so, after school my foster brother, sister and I would get a ride to town and two of us would have to wait while the other one sat in Mrs Wallace' study-with Her and played for her.

All I can recall is the basic simply songs of the time; Three Blind Mice, Go Tell Aunt Rhody the Old Gray Goose is Dead, Go Tell It on the Mountain, etc.

Now all I can recall is the notes of the Staves. I remember them by the mnemonical line of Every Good Boy Does Fine for the right hand and Good Boys Do Fine Always for the left hand.

And you basically need to remember the mn…