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This Message brought to you from theSam!!
He Cheats theOther Blog Readers and passes theSavings onto YOU!!

YVC Inc presents
theVILLAGE!! Magazine
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-Name, (Please Print)
(Note: Hugh Jass, Mick E. Mouse, Al Merffud and Oh Bee Wonn already receives spam from YVC Inc so please use your REAL name.)

(specify your PO Box or your Blind mailer service for those of you that avoid YVC Inc at all costs!! If required, we'll even send you heavy gauge dual reinforced rubber gloves and for our Village Vixens holiday issue we'll also include Wet wipes, a CPR mask and an AED)

(Village, Hamlet, Haven or any Rock will suffice)

("Drunken" is already taken by Everyone in theVillage, a close 2nd and 3rd is by all College students and School bus drivers.

However, "Emergency", "Vegatative" and "Happy" are up fo…

All theNews that's fit to Print!!

All theNews that's fit to Print, Misprint and Ms Quote!!

Today's yammerings is endorsed by theSam!! who vigorously promises to not only Visit theBush after he wins thePrimary, but he'll shampoo, condition, cut, color and Wax theBush if he's declared Victor after upcoming Elections.

Speaking of Bush.......theSilvers are IN!! and theReds are OUT, dying and being eaten up along theRiver banks by hungry Seagulls
"peck, peck, peck".

theSecurity Sam!!
Now Harmed and Dangerous, and even more grumpy when he gets stuck with a duty vehicle with no working music radio.

Is he grinding his teeth or just chewing on a .45 cal bullet?

And he works for us??!!!

(to Provide as Seamless report as Possible Sam, just circle the appropriate info as close as what actually happened to You or your Victims. *sigh* We know we'll definitely be hearing from Irate clients and concerned public anyway)

Account Name:
-Burgers King,


-Crazyhorse 2 saloon,