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Sending Back The Telescope

Found a wonderfully written post at RFM / Recovery From Mormonism forum boards.

Subject: Sending Back The Telescope
Date: Mar 09 00:04
Author: Bernelli
Mail Address:
Posted by request (from my personal blog)...

The Heaven's Gate cult that committed suicide in San Diego in 1997 believed that a spaceship was traveling in the tail of the Hale-Bopp comet, and that they would be transferred to the craft by committing suicide when the comet was near Earth. Before the mass suicide, they purchased an expensive telescope in order to see the craft within the comet's tail. When they were unable to spot the spaceship, they sent the telescope back claiming that it was defective. In other words, their belief in the spaceship trumped all rational evaluation, they were willing to suspend all critical thinking skills in favor of their religious doctrine, and their faith was deemed more honest and true than any and all scientific evidence to the contrary.

In a sense, this has to be…

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ALSO STILL able to see Russia from his house, erh.

At least till "Anya Stoli" gets to the corner and heads to theBusStop for her ServerGirl!! job downtown!!

IT weighed in again at theArmyRecruiters office.
IT lost 20+lbs since Dec.
Next up is thePhysicals, too bad theNose is still there though.

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It wears thePantsThatLaunchedABlog!! over at AlaskaVillageTales!!,
altho "It" technically wears an Apron & washesDishes or Slings coffee,
it still wears pants.


tehSam!! iz Bawista ett tehChppd Cup!!,
and owff corse, tehSem!! ez also LOLCat siteFan tu!! Erh,
At least I make theServerGirls comfy by acting like them!!


Author of "Village Country&WesternHimnal",

Includes: I Asked theSam,

a Barista Bigger Than U & I,


He's Only An Order Away,
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Today Sam!! celebrates "FurBlondie", but …

An Open Letter FROM a LandLord!! (to Sam!!)

-theAptBldg ManagementTeam!!
sending out AnotherQuarterly newsletter all because Sam!! insists that he never gets his copy,

even when we stick it under his door, mail it to him, Tack to his Apt room door, and post up and down theHallway, ALL over theKitchen and in theBathroom....


-theAptBldg ManagementTeam!!
we ain’t MainSt, or FleetSt, but thanks to renters, likeSam!!, we be on EasySt!!


Use street parking on days with snowFall of 4inches or greater to: allow snow removal apparatus to properly clear all parking spaces, driveways and to allow Sam!! greater Insulation coverage on days when passed out by theDumpster!!

Due to theRise of energyCosts, please keep all windows closes between months of Nov, Dec, Jan, Mar and Apr,

We look theOther way during Feb, cos theFunk!! that builds up from all theLubbin’!! goin’ on in theApts before during and after Valentines day is just too much for an enclosed house building to take!!

but other than Sam!!’s socks…