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from theVillageEnd!!

More Inebriations From theVillageEnd!! (bare Girl!! that is)
*Hic!!, Hiccup!!*

theCity!! Officers Report:
After theSam!! partook of his regular portioned fare of, in his words,

"Hot eehhy quizeen!!" of an plate of "Kay said Adios!! and a side of Gwawked Mole sauce, which, btw I had tooo much of sauce to dink!!"

theFromer officer meandered South instead of staggering East north by NorthEast,

He was later on discovered to be hiding in theCommunity Library still Hunt & Pecking his way through a very Tersely worded email to himself!!,

We, my partner and I,
Closed his browser window,

looked around briefly for the Smelly Czech boy that owned theLapTop, but he had long since, taken off scampering away,

We kept theLaptTop as evidence and after running theBabble!! through NCIC / APSIN and a ton of other Networks we subscribe to,

we discovered that, quite frankly, we didnt' have time for his shenanigans,

So another officer, an Female acquaintance of Sam!!'s btw, after plac…

Half Conscious from Anchorage!!...

and as always, still incoherent!! it's me theSam!!

Yes, I finally broke down and got on MySpace awhile back.
I figure that since I've (vehicle) broke down alot before, and kind of sorta but not really (mentally) pulled over to Side of theRoad for a bit!!

I could (give in) and join up MySpace!! So, breaking down isn't a bad thing after all, but at least try and tell that to my dozen or so "friends".

Live from Anchorage......It's me-theSam!! d:oP
whom would post yet Another Silly bulletin,

but then he’d just move someone else’s “Join Up and get 500 free downloads” bulletins touting THEIR MySpace sites!!,

and theSam!! is much toooo nice to do THAT!!
(ehh.. to Join UP that is...)

whom quite frankly, couldn’t even be in MySpaces top 1 Million, even if he never posted a bulletin!!

Bored stiff with Presidential Dialogues on MTV, but instead, is excited STIFF with kinky dialogues on “LisaSparxxx!! TV”

now looking…

Support Your Local Sam!!


Oct 2007
More Village headlines

Shamelessly pledgerized from theInnerNet!!, it’s more Ripped From theHeadLines!!
You may read similar news from around theNation and from around theWorld, but trust me, it’s all been done as well out in theVillage!!

Thigh Expectations!!

"uhmm, thanks for inviting me to eat Granma, Could you please pass theChicken!?"

*gramna passes theBowl of fried chicken, but when it gets to Sam!! nothings left*

"O - K, uhhmm.. I’ll just finish my bread.
So, Granma, since it’s just you, theFuriously Silent VillageChick!! grand daughter and me eating......"

don’t give theVillageKidz!! cough and cold meds, instead give them to Sam!! and watch him drive his Patrol Vehicle....

His winter time slogan is “To protect and SWERVE!!”
and then get extremely sleepy sitting inside theWarm vehicle.

But hey, just as long as it works in getting him to turn in early a few nights of the Month.

is Bill theVillager!!’s Wife helpi…

I Flopped!!

This Message Is Brought To YOU by theSam!!
whom is out of Shape even for an VillageOfficer

whom is so advanced in Village!! vocabulary,
that just to say “Sam!!” is to immediately know of all things Village!!

when being Himself just isn’t Enuf!!
he’ll be somebody else....

who’s so advanced in learning GuitarChords, that his Minor 7 and Minor 8 hand positions really DO require an extra hand just to hold theDamn!! strings down,


now to only get theFoot!! or at least an big toe to strum softly without breaking another set of strings.

whom is so adamant about all his Village Minors, that when learning to play Advanced
Guitar Chords,

he insisted on writing to theMusic Book publishers DEMANDING to know why theMinor chords were Suspended and just how much of their sentences were actually to be spent behind bars and in custody!!

...............still no word from theMusic Book publishers as of late.

And just what theHeck!! does the Suspended 2nd, Suspended 3rd mean a…

Sam Fails Hug Test!!

theSam!! Fails Drug Test

Sponsoring Agency (after donning glasses & wigs)
d:oP, YVCInc (doh!!) / YourVillageCalled Inc / patchAffiliates, / pillAffiliates / VGN - village grape vine,

Chelle C. Stalker,
Correspondent / Defendant & Plaintiff!!, and now an hopeless Wii addict......
and sometimes DVE victim too but not after she bought an handgun.

2007-09-26 12:25:08and 21/16th hundreds of an thousandths!!

Filed Under:
Incoherent, YadaYada, WTF!!, WTH!!, but seriously-What is thisShit!? and huh!?

HighlandsVillage!!, I'llAskYa (Sept. 26) -
An Village!! Tribal Court Judge placed tighter restrictions on theSam!! on Wednesday after theVPSO Sgt tested positive for Yawning.

Commence writing!!:
theVillageSchtick!! was placed under strict monitoring by an plate of Godiva Fudge after testing positive for a Hug from VillageChick!! "wednesday".

This is just the latest shenaniganz for the one-time "NeverWentBack!!", whose troubles began in Apri…

What Will You Leave Behind......

for theSmithsonian Institute?!

or to any other famous Museum that chooses to gather up stuff relevant to our day of 2007?!

At another forum, some Natives were discussing the Return to theClosestLivingDescendant of chief SittingBull,

some personal items taken from his body after he was killed by indianAgents / ReservationPolice in 1890,

such items included leather leggings, an head bandanna, locks of hair.

And after all these years, the closest relatives to Chief SB requested the items be returned.

In all seriousness, I do agree with the return of such things, since I'm a Native, and as far as Tribes, clans, bands, groups of people go and relate,

I'm of theHunkpapa band, same as Chief SB, so, for me an Native, it's good to me to see something like this happen.

Never mind that there's still legal wrangling over establishing an Tourist Center and whatNot at Chief SB's present grave site in SouthDakota, I'm against that too.

So I answered this Topic thread with theFol…


hoping that this Years TerminationDust!! has nothing to do with being fired from theChef!! jobs and has more to do with the2007 first SnowFall.

hoping that his new upcoming Music shows at theSteakHouse!! aren't like theHeadServerGirl!!, a complete Bust!! ( . )Y( . )

....and just in case you're wondering, Yes, those are theSam!!'s beady lil eyes a poppin' out of his head in awe.

having recently purchased an new "suspension" Hard carryCase for his Violin,
he often wonders if just carrying theViolin!! around isn't suspenseful enough for theGeneral public!!

Don't be left out on theHappenings here at AlaskaVillageTales!!,

As our / My valued reader I / we would appreciate having your mailing address and email addresses so we / I may notify you of special events such as:

-Friends of and "Putting Up With!! theSam!! Gatherings in theCity!!

-Violin, Acoustic Guitar, Piano time Music schedules!!
(pick 2 per event)

-Featured upcoming H…

More Piano Samplings!!

More Pron samplings!!

More Piano Samplings!!

sober this time, honest!!

and wide awake after sleeping all last night and all day too.

now available online in 4 separate Personalities!! and at a dozen forum sites too!!

looking cute On and OFF theBarstool, especially when a VillageChick!! (or an HotServerGirl!!, an cutePizzaDeliveryGal!!, anHotBlondeCop!!)is beating him with one!!

not only reUniting villagers, but also ReIndicting many of them!!

quietly insisting that theVillage!! is indeed, theLastSanctuary!! for Ne'rDoWells, theIllegals and even for Villagers themeselves.

Stopping *Inhales deeply* Abuse and... and *Inhales!!*



theResidentEvil!! villageVersion (or at least that's how most villagers treated me)

whom thought that his studious VillageChixxx!! were studying Nucular fission but found out they were dissing Drink recipes.


Alter Ego!!

hey Everyone, don't forget to visit the TrishNetwork / SockMoose website.
It's owned by an friend of mine and I've met a few of the wonderful People, here in Anchorage, that post there in forums.

Visit the forums and join too.


Lil' MoselyMoose is my buddy.
Although "he's posted" online a few times, he's an separate identity from thePlaces he's posted too.

I don't want to detract from the good efforts of other people's websites, like the fun SockMoose!! site in theShoutOut!! above.

Remember my friends, It's All In Fun!!

from theHoove of the zaniest Moose in Alaska!!:
-Live from theTop book Shelf, and hiding theTV remote from theMaster.

-an Cotton T-Shirt over Cotton-twill-poly blend body, Felt Antlers, Plastic Eyes and Kapok innards!! oh.. and an MadeInChina tag on my butt.

-all theGirls love me!!

theSam!!, Hugginz&Kissinz

and theVillageChixxx!! be slappinz!!

theSam!!Hugginz 'Embarrassed,' Apologizes for New Photo

theSam!!, Profile Foto by: Nissa N. / Village!!Image
profilePhoto as seen on AlaskaVillageTales!! blogsite.

------>> that profile photo right there!!---------->>

uncleWalt’s Kidneys!!, "theMoosical" star theSam!! is spoofing out after theBlogProfile foto hit the Internet on Thursday......2.5yrs ago!!

In a statement released Friday by his OnlineRep "bigRed!!, 24 (again!!), says:
“....Sam. Have you been drinking? You can’t blame me for asking when you do weird stuff like this. And if you call me bigRed again, there’s gonna be trouble *glares*.

theHugs&Kissin!!’s also went onto write via his Online spokesWomen,
"I want to apologize to my Blogfans, whose support and trust means theWhirled!! to me, uh.. WhirledPeas!! that is.... oh..…

Out is In!!

Out is IN!!

(handle post like handling most VillageCouncil!! members relations in custody or in jail,with KiddGloves!!)

As for handling all cuteVillageChixxx!!, you handle them with Lambskin, or Latex ribbed!!, heck, you even handle them with Both hands!! uhm.. anywayz,

and now on with theMadness!!

whom is Currently IN!!
inside theApt and typing this btw, but soon theSam!! will be Out

(of said messy Apt that is in disarray, disheveled like an females hair and makeup after an sleepover)

whom is Currently OUT!!
of Laundry soap that is,

and I thought that the5 gallons of Summer seabreeze cold water detergent would last basically all summer!!

And which is it, is it scented like Summer?! or scented like an Seabreeze!?

smelling my clean laundry right now, I detect an faint odor of heady, fragrant Snugglesoft,

my Laundry smells like a stupid teddy bear.

who's currently wondering if there was a need to by that small pocket SpotMirror in 20x (20 Power!!)

I mean, after a…