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You Might Be Having Too Much Fun If.....

you look for Villagers!! to take to theCityJail that's over 200+ miles away.

Even though you've been awake 4 days, you're so Exhausted and the trees are starting to walk around!!


And people still don't believe you when you HouseSat for two families one summer and actually Lost a House when it ran away!!

-As an FlightStudent
when doing "S" turns over an imaginary 2mile long line you ask your CFI / certifiedFlightInstructor if she wants the "S's in Cursive, TimesNewport or WingDings!! and she shows you the bottom of her shoes.

In fact- You can relate after reading that one flightMagazine article on "Flight Students Most Memorable Experiences", and one man wrote in,

"that at 5,000' my CFI wanted me to do steep "S" turns and steep turns Around an Stationary Object, Basically we bank theAirCraft Steeply left or right and "Put" theWing tip "Upon" an object on the ground as we turn,"

"and …

Veal Shoulder

"Keith and Tobi forever"
she wrote in her school year book.

what a pair they made back in 2nd grade, 3rd grade 4th grade and ever since.
It seemed that one was not found without the other, at least close nearby.
And through the years they were always together.

It was their last year of school and in small town, Midwest they had everything going for them, they wanted a life together so they got married early and started working on the "family" early too.

Keith would join his dad and work on the Railroad and would make day runs from east to west and back home again and Tobi would have her sister for company, as she often did, and they would continue living this life that they grew up in,

For it was in their small hometown that they had chosen to live as urban dwellers with family and friends close by, but during the school year their uncle passed away and he left some land to Keith.

Ahh. perfect, Some land to build a home on and raise my family, Keith pondered.

But it's …

Unconscious!! from Anchorage.....

theSam!! reaches Mile Post 195 of Blogging!!
and he did it without catching a ride from anyone else!!

this new mile post means that theSam!! is at theZenith of his blogging career and although theSam!! hasn't a clue what "Zenith" is, except that maybe it's a brand of televisions!?,

theSam!! certainly hopes that "Twilight" won't ever be a label applied to him, as many Villagers!! would always use that dreaded word when theSam!! would shine his magLight or SpotLight in their beady, reddened, Alcohol soaked eyes....

they would exclaim loudly, "Twi light!?" (translation: Why the Light!?)


More CROCK and less jock, but still not without thePot (theCooking!! kind-not theDrug) and as always never without theMock!! (ing of Self or theVillage!!)

so far theDummo!! (DMO / dish machine operator) is doing ok at either work place.
But a new hire of recent, at one place was getting on theSam!!'s nerves all week by constantly berating S…


All of us villageOfficers had been pulled from our respective regions and flown down by theCoast for advanced first aid training,

at least back on my church mishon, we'd drive to our training but on the other hand,

when changing flights at theState's biggest airport I got to eat at an real live "Cheers" pub, which was something that I never did on my church mishen.

Day one we were being shown theVillagePaks!! we'd all take home and wow,

all that was missing from theVP was an ambulance and a couple of grizzled emt's to use everything that we were issued, as no doubt, many of us villageOfficers found out that in ONE month, we were Veterans on par with any City police, fire, emt or corrections,

mama always got after me if I acquired more than 2 duffle bags and a suitcase, "and your guitar!!" she'd say.

she said that to me when I was a child, she said that to me as a youth, she said that to me as a young adult and she'd say that to me now as an olde…

Village Warning from Stan!!

and listen up cos he means it!!

I found this on the net and just had to post it.

Funny thing is, if it were true, almost all of theYellowCabs in theCity!! would sit vacant and theSam!! would have to hitch it down theStreet!!

I can only hope that no one takes away Rafa, hasid, emallah and igor,
those guys are fun to talk.... to.

As saying "with" denotes, that both speakers understand each other no matter how simple or complex sentence syntax, genuflection and grammar etc.

and that's assuming both speakers even understand English,, ok. anyway
Just leave my fave Cabbies alone, but take Emily.

she's a real B**ch, a total pain and no one really likes her driving, not even me-and I'm thePatient one here.


This morning, from a cave somewhere in Pakistan , Taliban Minister of Migration, Mohammed Omar, warned the United States and Canada that if military action against Iraq continues,

Taliban authorities will cut off America's…

theSteakHouse Rules!!

I posted this somewhere and I can't find it.
I've looked for it on my blog archives but can't find it, I know I buried it amongst other writings as an add on,

I probably buried it in an AlaskanPrincess!!Lodge post or something,
I'll be darned if I do that again, (work for thePrincess!! ever again) But anyway.
Here's a Repost!!

home of too many Chefs and not enough DishWashers!!

theDMO!! (theDummo!! / dishMachineOperator)
King of all he rinses, sends through theMachine and stacks!!
.....and sometimes he acts like he's Queen of theKitchen too.

Order UP!!

Hey BarTender!! Wharz my Dreenkk!?

-Quality (lol)
-Speed?! (but seriously, you can buy some out back) I'm joking here people!!

.....come on, Choose One!!

Mr Pillsbury!!
I’m theChif!! and that’s that!!
now somebody poke my tummy....

and like all big headed egotists, he's all PaperCap and whiteCoat!!

at least that's what we think he is, after a fe…

Half Dressed in Anchorage!!

If this headline doesn't raise theBlog visitor stats, I dunno what will.

*drum Roll!!*

Live, Unconscious and Half dressed from Anchorage!!
it'ss theSam!!


My Space Melt Down!!

theSam!! is now officially an SuicideGirl!! on MySpace!!

well. Not really.

At least not until I get

-theHenna!! quickRinse:
We'll just save theFoilHighLights for when a big Commitment really, really REALLY!! needs to be made!!

And even then, I'll just stick with anything by Farouke Sunglittz hair lightening sysstems, as they've never lasted more than traditional capFoilz, trust me I know!!

I've had a couple girlfriends that I applied t.... DID that too,
and that was on just theCarpeting!! never mind theDrapes!!

-the7 piercings:
to Include his septum, his Occular.. his IntraOcula...theEyes!! and that teensy-tinsy stirrup bone in InnerEar!!, and of course 1 / One / Uno / ! ear.

what to do with that last 7th spot?!

How about a Prince Albe.....
I sit down anyway!!

Signs of Sam!!

YVCInc (doh!!) isn't pleased to announce this PDS!!, this public display of Sam!!

Editors Note!!
"Well, at least it gets him out of theOffice and quite frankly, back out on theStreet where he belongs!!"
Chelsie S. Talker, whom quite frankly should be back IN theBar!! where she belongs!!

Signs of Sam!!

If you think that someone you know is starting to act like theSam!!
Hurry up and act Fast!! by doing this simple test.

It's as easy as remembering his Name,


S: Ask thePerson to Smile like Sam!!
does he only lift one side of his face, pull back a cheek just a bit while it looks like theOther side of the face just droops!?

Are there Multiple chins!! Is theNeck!! pudgy?!

You'll have to shake your friends face to find out if theJowls move.
Watch out for slobber!!

A: Arms, can your friend raise their arms!?
Perhaps if you have an computer keyboard just hold it out to them, they should raise their hands to Type inane Blog posts, to check email and to afflict MySpace inte…

white Privilege

I found this on theInner Net!!
Something about these words that just speaks to me.

As of late, I'm changing much.
Have left theOld ways I once lived behind and now partake of Life Anew.

Somehow I wonder how I even made it this far doggedly clinging to an white man's form of Christianity called mormonism. But I did it.

And it did help me much with everything I've done and helped me be whom I am today.
I am a Man, and on my own two feet I stand.

I make my choices in Life, and I account for what I do.
I unmercifully look at myself and then at Others and do Judge by varying degrees and standards-still.

Because only in christianity does it ingrain into you / it's believers that because God is on Your side, YOU ARE RIGHT and no one else is.

I used to think that way, and did accept it as Gospel truth.
But now adays, I have to step back and look at things from a different POV / pointOf View and say, that sometimes, I was just plain out WRONG!!

Like, for instance,
If I dress up nice and ho…