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Brewing In A CoffeePress!! to include
Cleaning A CoffeePress!! and even PressingCoffee INTO your Pants!!

while Studying our green workbooks this week, us NewHires!! learned about Starbucks Mission statement, that its CorePurpose!!, is "To provide an uplifting experience that enriches people's daily lives",

of course, theCompany!! pretty much left day to day things up to me, theSam!! and I brought my own ClownNose and paddleShoes to theGame!!

My 18yr old trainer, Ajli, deftly took theCustomer's order, scooping up a 12oz cup when first heard from theBoys lips,

"Quad Mocha, medium,, no... Large"...

Her practiced hands change directions faster than theRegularJoe changed his mind and replaces the smaller cup and picks up the larger size-theVenti

while her other hand had fished out her blackMarker from her pocket and already uncapped it, turned it around and capped theEnd (one handed, even I can't do that)

"4 M", Whip" she scribbles legibly then …


good morning everyone.

It's Fri 26 Sep 2008 and today's starting out really super!!

Being that it's cold outside, and some cars up and down the street, outside theAptHouse here, have frost on their windows,

Winter is coming!!

Lately theJob searching has taken a sweet turn, Literally!!

I had been applying to some name brand coffeehouses locally and then got referred to some "Licensee-use / Licensed to Use a Name brand" places and then finally got picked up by CARRS / SAFEWAY stores and sent out to one of their Anchorage stores to work as a Barista.

I'm so happy.
I'm glad to be working again, and very happy to be in an CustomerService oriented profession.

Long term wise, I'm going to be doing theCoffeeHouse work and get a Bartending gig too once I can handle two work schedules.

What intrigues me about theAlcohol shots, specifically theFloater / Layered drinks are the ones that go with coffee.

Last month in BarStars Professional Bartending School class, when we (…

theToque!! Gets Torqued!!

Upon request by the contributor this contri was published as an "express contri", which means it bypassed the commentors queue and was published faster.

theSam!!'s viable Contribution is:
theToque!! gets Torqued

theSam!! looks at his Inbox and answers his Comments.

I found theVariety of foods available here to be most excellent, better than most flopHouse!! establishments I’ve eaten at,

theHelp!! was very courteous and I say, that I have indeed found a friend in “JussSqueezya!!” I believe she’s theOne working theLate shift?!
Signed: Apt D

theSam!!'s RESPONSE
Thank you so much for your comments Apt D. Sorry that you’re not here anymore, you moved out suddenly!!

Yes, I too found a friend in “JussSqueezie!!”.

I guess you’ve just answered my questions on where my CheeseCake platter from Carrs went too, and I never even got a bite.

Perhaps you also saw theJuice and my last can of soup?! I mean, weren’t you the one that got into my Juice during one of your diabetic ind…

BarTenderSam!! Wines again

theBartenderSam!! Whines again....

Having recently passed theBarTender!!Exam, a daunting and complex standardized litany for Lushes!!,
theSam!! proudly, if not staggeringly and brazenly waves his theBarTenderSchool!!Exam certificate at everyone.

Among theColorful and Flavorful settings of theBarTendingExam’s debonair lair!! somewhere in theCity!!,
theSam!! was unleashed to “follow his Nose!!” sometime during that first week of class.

unfortunately, theKarateKidz!! in the neighboring businessPark module got to kick Sam!!’s ass when theInebriate!! followed his Nose out theBarTenderSchool classroom,

down theHall, around and Up theStairs to where theKarateKidz!! were posing and smashing and kicking...... things............stuff.

see, theSam!! was just following his Nose when it lead him to “Unwashed, sweaty, salty HOT gorgeous WhiteWoman Instructor!!”

when instead his Nose should have stayed in thePinoGrez bottle that theBartenderInstructor had just uncorked for theFumbleFingers!!,

cos after …

theSam!! gets....

you get to Read it here first!!....

or it Posts more and more silliness Weeee!,

again Blank Stare

theSam!!’s Duties (sigh)

theSam!!’s barDuties - SetUp & SideWork

theSam!!‘s morning Bar Duties

-it Sets theTables!!
or it gets theBarStools across the back again Wink

-it Makes sure there are plenty of “To-Go” containers in theBreadStations and at theServer!! stations when room allows!!
or it gets no extra food to take home at shift end Sad

-it Double checks theBarMenus and it discards any spotted, dirty and outdated menus and replaces these from theGM’s office.
And stop “Looking” at the walking “woMenus”. Tongue out or it gets thePaperCuts again

-it Fills theSalt & Pepper shakerz without sneezing ever!! or it gets theCayenne Pepper-sprinkled-on-FleshBreast-mask again Weeee!

-it Sets Up theCatsup & Mustard stations!! or it gets fed hamburgers and cheeseSandwiches for a week and WON’T be allowed to draw HappyFaces on the meats again Sad

-it Polishes theSilverware before Rolling…

How To Get Sam!!'s Attention!!......

wuz browzing a few barTender sites and found this gem,
It is so true!!

Please understand that most people behind the bar are aware of your presence, they'll get to you eventually.

.....and, Just hold a slice of CheeseCake!! to get Sam!!'s attention.

How to get the bartenders attention!!!


Big Ways to Get A Bartender's Attention!

1 - Climb onto the bar and wave like an ADHD toddler to get your 5th Ketel (like you can taste the 3 dollar difference, Captain Yupptastic) and Red Bull and revel in your true originality.

That wins brownie points. We'll be right there. Can't wait. I'll bring the party hats.

2 - Wave so you knock into other people spilling their drinks. Proclaim it to be the staff's fault because you had to wait until your turn.

Pout and piss and moan in a righteous rant using big words like OHMIGAWD and LIKE... Forevahhhh! Because, after all we should be expressive once in a…

You Know You're an.........

You Know You're A Lush if...
You look down and ask, Where’d that BeerGut come from!?

You Know You're An Bartender Student if......

1) You have more Glassware in your cupBoards than you do of food & dishes.

And when the local Thrift shop runs low on other related Bar & Dish ware,
they PAY YOU triple to stock up their Inventory!!

2) You practice your peopleSkills by talking to thePeople on tv,

“So... What’ll ya’ have Mack!?”, and that stupid guy in theMirrors always orders a Rum & Coke!!

“dawwg gammit, Order something else for Chrissies sakes!!”

3) You are more afraid of theSober!!People than you are of theDrunks!!,

cos at least theDrinkers “understand”,
they “See how things are”, and besides, “You LOOK better too when THEY drink!!”

4) You're the only one in theMen’s room “who gets It“ when you can judge, down to theOunce!!, how much Urine you Or Others puts out just by listening!!

5) Your First MonetaryTip!! is framed and hanging in the hallway with your family p…