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thiss Current Message is brought to you by theSam!!
who's no Country Bumpkin........but who's head is as mishapen as a Halloween Pumpkin!!

a leering jack-o-lantern who's top stem broke off trapping theBattery operated light inside and is just plain full of Mold!!

oh... wait. That's not me, it's Mama's punkin' that actually turned moldy sitting by the computer.

was run out of theCity for a few short days and fled back to theVillage. theFormer Safety Officer was spotted chopping up firewood at "his favorite Gramms place" out by theVillage a couple of times but that just turned out to be a rumor.
"I was just looking for my lost cat Leo!!" theSam!! said.

"who cares about firewood when my feline is out in theCold."theSam!! blundered on.
"At least Fluffy is still stupid enough to stay home in theVillage and yet smart enough to kill voles, shrews and bats to supplement his meager diet of 9Lives and Meow-Mix hard-bits."


As Nebraskan as I wanna be!!

ANF denies VPSO in Contention
It's that time of the year again!!!, no. no, not when the Tribal Admins daughter gives birth out of wedlock, or for that matter neither half theCute only female staff at YVC Inc.

I'm talking about theVaunted talks in theCity!!
It's called AFN / Alaska Natives Federation....... Boldly going where no Villagers have been Before! But enuf about the TA's daughter, in her many men have boldly gone and frankly, where they've been in her, it's a miracle she gets preggerz at all, she with highest sperm count in theVillage!!

It took YVC Inc (doh!!) long enough to get theVillages on theOuter Seat Rim to settle down and come to grips with being where they are in theOuthouse.

At least they're not closer to theMiddle hole where urine dribble drops and feces matter makes contact along the back seat of.. of the... Anyways.

Each year the various not-Profit and other Native groups gather and dress up as their favorite Sitcom star or starlet.

The YVC…
Mid October 2006

this message is brought to you by theSam!!,
who wishes he parents would abduct him for a Pre-Wedding shopping trip!!
Since that is how they got him to go with them to Anchorage in April, bribing Jr with foods.
They promised him a burger, fries and shake at OrangeJulius at theMall.

is vehemently defending former Villages where he once lived, where is humor was revered (but most likely endured) for years,
before he finally started his Blog. (Don't bite theHand that feeds!!)

Village Bolognial,
See us for your Insurance needs! No intrusive health questions. No dividends or premium markups. No obligation quotes and absolutely NO payments to make.
In fact....You get no Coverage!!
Village Bolognial!! a division of Oscars, Meyer and Wenner.

Village Chixxx!!
theOnly thing Moral about us is the Mushrooms we pick!!

Village Chixxx!!
When they're not playing Basketball, they're on theLove Rebound. d:oP

Village Chixxx
Battling for their Immoral Souls one…

theAssault Cycle


There are 5 events in any combat / violent situation and they always follow the same order.

How much time spent in any one phase depends on circumstances and how you will cope with it.

Triggering Event / TE
Prior to a fight "something" will alert you.

It could be a gradual buildup or it could be instantaneous

For example; a gathering of teens where loud shouts increase then 3 or 4 teens start to grab and push each other, then 1 teen starts punching someone else in the face and then everyone is fighting.

The Instant TE could also be someone totally surprising you from behind as you get into your car or enter your apt / home.

Escalation / E
Like TE can gradually build up or else occur instantly.

You’re sitting in a restaurant and two scruffy men next table over are angrily talking.

You look over at them and one stares at you,

"Mind your own damn business!!" one man shouts at you.

The Instant Escalation from this could be that one man grabs his coffee and f…