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Passing On

Bad molars, need root canals I guess. Now and then left or right lower jaw swells up, gets inflamed, eating becomes a chore and my neck is tender along w/ all other musculaskeletal aches & pains of head & neck occur.
So I got some Tylenol pills and go through my days here, lethargic, and today, I curled up on sofa in Mom's house and slept a few hours.
As always, my Consciousness / Spirit / Essence / AwakenedSelf, Whatever YOU call it floated off away from my body.

You recall, one of those brendanFrasier/Rachelweiss "theMummy" movies,
When thePriest does his incantations and up from the depths below you see a dark ghostly shape float around, then settles in on the mummy / person on altar they're trying to Ressurect. And the motionPicture "cams" in, pans in, moves and it's like YOU are floating around.
I went to theOtherSide again, and in that 1st person view I entered a house, and there was sadness there.

Her body was laying on her bed, covered i…