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In theArmy!!, now

Hello everyone!! tehSam!! has reEnlisted thanks to theMilitary raising theAge of Enlistment (theSam!! is 41currently and will turn 42 in Aug). WarriorTransitionCourse / WTC Will be in Fort Sill, Oklahoma and then I will be sent on to Fort Benning, Georgia for OneStationUnitTraining / OSUT Today, Mon 13 July 2009, in Anchorage I made it through the final phases of MEPS / military entrance process station processing and after taking theOath of Enlistment, along with several other militaryService bound young people, I was given my "Package" papers and my flight Itinerary and alas,  was NOT Given any meal voucher checques to WriteOut, theShippingAdvisor / Taxi driver to theAirport told me, us PriorServicemen, that "you prior service are on your own for food". Uh... Ok Now I sit at "UncleTed's!!", TedStevensInternationalAirport in Anchorage awaiting my flight Out of AK and onto Atlanta, Wow, it's going to be a long flight.  I'm traveling to WTC & OSUT …

UncleSam!! d:o)

today Thu 09 July 2009, I passed my Army PFT (ppffffffft!!) test d:oP I got a ride from theVillage!! with a family friend yesterday and stayed in Wasilla, then got a ride here to Anchorage and waited a couple of hours till theRecruiters!! were in office till they could see me. Then we waited around another hour for some other chick that was also PFT testing today for service entrance, but she couldn't make it till.... about now after 1430hrs. I didn't want to wait all day for theInevitable!!, so I opted to take my PFT alone. We went to theElmendorf (sp?!) AirForce base and I ran around the small Outside track, 5 laps being 2miles I was told. My female recruiter!! d:oP, demonstrated a portion of the 2mins of Pushups (I did about 20), theArmy way of doing Situps (I'm used to Navy crunches and only did 12, d:o(  ), and theFemaleRecruiter so tough, she actually did a lap in her combat boots!! Then another youngMan fresh from BootCamp!! bested me by actually running with me and set …

4th of July Sam!!

HIS higher calling, as of late, is usually someone Sober standing OVER him calling Out to him trying to wake him up from his InebriateStupor!!

leaving theCity!! for theVillage!! simply to take on a much larger Roll!!,

as thePastry's his Mom buys from theVillageStore!! are a 1/3 bigger than anything found in theCity!!

his northKorean skills are improving, however, even in "GODmode" in his NavySEALs pc game,

no matter how many times he runs through thePalaceGarden grounds just before he gets to theRiver, it's always that one lil' troublesome Guard that surprises him and then it's another shootOut in theKoi pond till theExtractionBoat arrives!!


news happening now, even if he's still NOT relevant!!

most popular now!!, even if only to himself!!

most shared now!!, if only as gossip amongst theVillagers!! just about every other day!!

totally unimpressed with ladyLiberty, as, here in theVillage!!