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theSam!! takes on theAnchorageDailyNews!!

theSam!! Writes For The ADN!!
You should read this story from ADN's site, and see all theComments!! after, there's pages of 'em.
Some comments are hilarious, and mostly poking fun at the way ADN writes things (as usual) and makes things sound,

like, in this article, an actual pickup struck a woman whom was exiting a grocery store!!
Here's the actual article cut and pasted-ed-eded by theSam!!

Pickup strikes woman exiting grocery store

Anchorage Daily News

Published: June 19th, 2009 09:29 PM
Last Modified: June 19th, 2009 09:29 PM

An 81-year-old Anchorage woman was critically injured Friday morning when a pickup struck her car as she was exiting the Carr's grocery store in Muldoon.

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After the 9:45 a.m. accident, police closed southbound traffic on Muldoon Road at Northern Lights for several hour…

Used Village Cars!!

UsedVillageCars w/theSam!! commentary of course......


Used Car Lemons and Lemonade
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Buzz Up! 143 votes By Jada A. Graves

2008 Chrysler Sebring
Knowing where to place your bets with a used car can be tricky. The horror stories are all too common -- the pieced-together parts, the unexplained and unexpected sounds and smells, the bodies in the trunk ...

and after describing Sam!!'s patrolCar, the bodies are right next to theBOOZE!!
theHot!! passed out VillageChixxx!! bodies.

Okay. Maybe the last one isn't quite as common.

But buying used doesn't have to be such a gamble if you do your research. There's a wealth of online information available that can make it easier to avoid a lemon. With the federal government's vehicle defect notices …

Summer 2009 Reservations

BaristaSam!! @ theJavaJunction!! / BS!!@tJJ!!

Now taking reservations for theLocal Summer2009 Fishing & Camping Season.

( or at least, answering thePhones for a localVendor 2 days a week ALL summer long )

Please READ carefully before making ANY selections appropriate to you for your stay here with us, REMEMBER you can't do Everything!!, but like our villageChixxx!! You can do Everyone!!

-Date:(please Pick One!!)
__lateMay, and for your sakes, let's hope she's NOT late!!

__June, she's available but she doesn't sleep much due to theShortNights and endless days

__July, due to fire hazards in the wilderness adjacent to us,
we will be banning all fireworks use in our CampGrounds,

however, feel free to sneak next door (where our competition dwells) and lightEm up over there!!

For an extra $10 fee (July Only) we'll let ya' know when dept of dfense satellites zoom overhead, that way, all you heavyHitters with your mortars, rockets, sam's and fission bombs can…

Not Quite Clear On theConcept!!


not only dragging You to hell, we're actually theOnes kicking & screaming!!

what a concept!!, starting with "Not Quite clear...."
(as in Not Quite Clear On theConcept...)

over theHills!! and far away, while passed out on Your front Lawn

sit back and cuss!!, just leave theVillage!! to us

we not only tell theStory!!, we're IN It

our perspective is very unique!!, even when we lose our glasses while drunk and squinting really hard at you

.... wait.. That's just Sam!!, he's drinking again,

theOnlySuspense out here, is when theJudge!! gives us SuspendedSentences!!,
and of course, theOTHER kind happens when we find someone hang themselves

what ever you need!!, we needed it first AND our VillageChixxx!! already got it before you did.

Ready..... Set...... Chug!!

we have SerialKillers too, ours kill appleJax, tonyTheTiger, quakerOats!! etc,

a place where everyone knows your name!!
and where off…