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Post Deployment

Over a year ago I reenlisted into active duty military service, in July 2009, and by this time last year had finished up basic and then spent Nov here at fortStewart GA before being picked up by 3rd ID and just a handful of us being equipped, trained and sent over to Iraq where our commandCo was already stationed.

Now we're back safe. We did have some personnel of ours get shot along the way, all lived. And there were times we were shot at on patrol and more often we just fought boredom, monotony of routine and sometimes, each other.

I had to endure about 6 months of hazing, harassment, male-on-male sexual assault and intimidation & assault, I was singled out, targeted for bullying and racked up dozens of Counseling statements from sr Enlisted, I was accused of falling asleep on checkPoint watch and demoted by command from E-3 / PFC to E-2 / PV2, now I'm an E-fuzzy!!

After the nightmares got to me, I wet myself, saw Mental Health and got to talk to a Psychologist about everyt…