Aug 2015

Sun 02Aug2015 :P Haven't posted in ages I know. Just hiding out from theVillageChick!!'s :/ Which isn't a bad thing really, but I'm Just Saying. You'll find me on Twitter. Look for SLFlyinghorse And of course I'm on FaceBook. SamuelLFlyinghorse HunkpapaLakota This year I turn 48. Happy Birthday to me. :(

August 2014

a Tipi we put up this summer. I love it inside. Round, no corners. No pretense, just...Original. But we took it down and extended the front part so it's not perfect cone or triangle. And some friends L.O.V.E. it. Hope you like mamaMoose and her 2 kids.
May 2014 I been too busy with other stuffs on theNet to update this blog. You'll find me on Twitter, SLFlyinghorse and on Facebook. Currently helping take care of 2 little young ones, from a distant niece / cousin of ours in SouthDakota, these children are lively and unpredictable. Currently one is eating lasagna and WEARING it too, and has washed her hands in her cup of water and backwashed into her brothers water bottle and of course, as children all do she's put lasagna sauce fingerprints on her shirt, on the table and everything else she didn't touch. :) Kids are a blessing. Kids are precious. And I'm glad I'm not currently working or away from this mess we call 2 toddlers.

From Teton Times on ACTT

A posting from my facebook. I did not write it but will spread the news. Problems like the ones addressed are real. I'm sure we've all seen things like this elsewhere, I'm glad to see someone is taking a stand and speaking out. Please repost and spread the news. SamuelLFlyinghorse ----------------- Active Citizens for Tribal Truth (ACTT), I like the sound of that. Very direct and optimistic, yet I can’t help but wonder what is meant by truth? If truth means something that cannot be questioned or denied, & everything else is a lie, then those seeking tribal truth should also be open to their own lies. Especially those that helped create many of the social problems we see on our reservation today. Problems like, 1/3 of our women will be sexually assaulted in their lifetimes, and 4800 annual reports of child abuse & neglect, problems that carry no monetary or popularity gain, so they are rarely heard on the council floor. These combined with many of our other soci…