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Letters From Home

When I was Navy back in 1990-1995, I would be aboard ship and on occasion see other people get in packages and packages of mail from home. Most of the items received was Food related, I saw two young men get cakes, would you believe CAKES!! of all things, and they ate what they could and tossed the rest in the trash, I saw young men get t-shirts, and socks and they trashed them and kept the CD music and the CD players. I thought to myself that if anyone ever ended up sending me stuff like that in quantity and quality that I would at least be more respectful of the people that went through all that trouble to get me any items in the mail sent to me far far away on military duty. Then one day a big envelope arrived from Alaska, It was a bundle of letters from some school children, amongst these kids was my lil' sister Shayne!!, and they had all written and drawn much stuff for me, I thought that was so nice. I kept those letters from those kids that, at that time, never knew me and had n…