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A Mormon's Lament: Church Is On the Wrong Side of History Again With Proposition 8

In late 2002, as President George W. Bush began building his case for preemptive war in Iraq, a remarkable thing happened. In contrast to the general timidity of American churches in response to the conflict in Vietnam, leaders of faith were speaking out. Observed the Reverend Jim Wallis at the time:

Opposition to war with Iraq has come from a wide spectrum of the churches - Roman Catholic, Protestant denominations, Evangelical, Pentecostal, black churches, Orthodox. All of the statements, letters, and resolutions from church leaders and bodies take the threat posed by Saddam Hussein seriously, but they refuse war as the best response.

Importantly, these church leaders are not making their decision based on whether or not they approve of President George W. Bush - some do and some don't. Rather, they are doing so…

CA Courage Campaign

Thou Shalt Not Lie: Tell Mormon Church President-Prophet Thomas Monson to stop funding Prop 8

Fight back against the lies and protect the fundamental rights of Californians
It's time for Californians to fight back against the dishonest attacks of the "Yes on 8" campaign funded by the Mormon Church.

On Tuesday, we will deliver a letter to President-Prophet Thomas Monson at the Los Angeles Mormon Temple, demanding that his church stop funding the blatant lies of the "Yes on 8" campaign.

UPDATE WITH CBS NEWS VIDEO: -- the organization leading the "Yes on 8" campaign -- is now embroiled in a shocking new scandal involving a blackmail letter to California businesses that donated to Equality for All, the organization leading the "No on 8" campaign.

Mark Jansson, a "Yes on 8" Executive Committee member and self-described member of
The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, was one of four signers to this b…

Joe theVillagePlumber!!

theSam!! Debates himself

whom can SEE a drunkRussian from his house!!

whom may not have had a BallGown & Tiara back in the 1980’s,
but he’s got ‘em now in 2008!!

whom wishes HE could spend unprecedented amounts of $!!
much less EARN it

thwarting theGasCartels,
one refusal to eat at TacoBell at a time!!

(or refusal to eat at other Mexi-food places as well d:oP )

theCultureInTheVillage!! that has NEVER been allowed to stay long enough to LIVE and WORK
to make a difference

who’s own Village!! campaign sometimes involves a little “PAIN” when his assaultive Prisoners attack him

looking at theLeadVillager!! in “ANY” meeting as being “theFed!!” chairman,

especially when during villageFeasts!!

often theRunningMate!! of just about any FleeingSuspect from any crimeScene!!,
eh, for about 50yds

whos only noticed that hisVillage!! Crimebills “just” include the contents of any BootLeggers wallets when
they get busted for Importatio…

theSam!!'s Got SnailMail

theSam!!'s Got SnailMail...

thePackage!! arrived in theMail today whilest theSam!! was out paying bills, eating pizza, drinking Steamerz and eating Punkin' cookies,

it was theRest of theOrder that came with theOrdering of theAdios Mixologist material!! Since being theVPSO to a very Wet, completely alcohol soaked Village means that when sneaking around and listening to everyone talk,

that theSam!! can gather all theInfo about what theVillagers!! order from theBootLeggers.

I mean, after 2.2 yrs, it took theSam!! long enough to figure out that when theGospelMusic group sang about "Cherishing theOldRuggedCross", they didn't exactly mean that piece of now LongGone wood on Gethsemane,

they were actually, Collectively "Ordering" drinks for themselves later and were advising theBootLeggers to leave theStash!! with either "Cherish" or "Charity", or maybe with another trusted "Parish"ioner alone in theVillage!!

So theSam!!, being theRich …

SomeOne Please TELL Sam!!

How To Tell Sam!!

How to Tell...
that your current Date is an strugglingMusician!!

-...Her first words to you evah!!, were in lilted cadence as she banged her
guitar breaking theNeck and 4 high strings, then she knelt down in arpeggioSolo and set her Strings on fire....

herTampon strings!!

-...No matter where you two go in public, whether to ride theBus, or drive in her car, or to walk her dog or to watch a movie,

She’s got 4 MegaPlex spotlights trained upon theTwoOfYou, and everyone around can hear your every breath, savor every foodBite and feel your embrace because of theNadyMic between you and her

-...your public jaunts, whether to rode theBus, or drive in her car, or to walk her dog or to watch a movie, etc

is always preceded 2 weeks in advance because she has signs, flyers and posters tacked up to every wall, lightpole, fencePost and outhouse,

btw, she also makes YOU put up much of her signs!!

-...besides, your dates always average 1000+ ratings in 2 days, is Shared by all, are YouT…


a fellow Ex-Mormon had sent an email,
as I was interested in some anti-Mormon literature, some tracts / files that had been created and posted Online for access,

I had been posting online in theRecoveryFromMormonism boards for a few years and had figured that theDieHards,

the people who visit there frequently and read and study Everything had by now, come to know me IRL because I always post or sign my writings under my IRL name,

I don't hide behind a Nickname and anonymity, I face my demons, I face my nightmares received from past Church abuse at theHands of ecclesiastical leaders and from Foster families whom I lived with that were supposed to protect me and help me,

but in posting this short intro to my Ex-Mormon friend, I realized that this would be yet another good Introduction to any of you people in thePublic whom know nothing about me theSam!! / Samuel L Flyinghorse, Anchorage, AK.

I'm 42,
and NativeAmerican, was found on theIndian reservation in SouthDakota and bapti…


whom is directed byGod!! in his recent line of work for Starbucks!!
cos theGoodBook says , “He Brews”

nuff sed!!

tightening people’s foreheads and easing their TweakerSymptoms $4.95 at a time

how important is HIS place in your world!?
When he sends the 3rd 4th and 7th person InLine to theBack store rooms with a RedCart and a list.....

8- 2% milks, (skyblue lids)
1 case (box) of HeavyWhippingCreme (kahki / tan colored Pint boxes)
10- Whole milks, (red label, red lid)
12- NonFat milks, (dark blue lids, same color as earlyMorningBaristaGirl’s eyesShadow!!)
10-bags, House blend,
10-bags, TraditionalMix (Silver colored, like thatGenMan with GrayHair, only the bags not shouting loudly at CARSSafeway customers!!)
10-bags, Decaf!!
6-Stacks of Venti cups (blood smeared box, when I cut my Mgrs wrist accidently with my bladeFolder as we opened up new shipment last month, theSmear looks like a gouting Spurt then heads south, if you squint your Eyes though, it looks like t…


All this summer 2008, our Eastern Seaboard's been hit with storm after storm and what fascinates me about it all, deep down inside,

isn't theDestruction and loss of life, theFury and havoc of it all when things blow over,

It's theShape of theStorms themselves.

The Weather(Wo)Men on tv all motion and pander to empty space, Thin Air in their Green-Screened enclosed film studios and cheerfully give you updated information 2 weeks out about tomorrows weather Local and Statewide,

yet I wonder privately if any of them have ever ever Honestly been there,
Out there in theStorm, whether it was a Hurricane, a brief Squall at sea, or perhaps theStorm was elsewhere.

I wondered whether theForecast (Wo)men ever stood in an Oklahoma wheatfield and saw the skies turn black and felt the rains, felt the hail and saw theFunneled Clouds of a Twister,

saw God's own Finger reach down and playfully scratching theSand of this sandbox earth, perhaps in Amusement and Mirth,

Perhaps his finger becomes…