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Fort Sill Oklahoma

Our WTC (Warrior Transition Course) class graduates in 3 days, after that we continue on with various schoolings, trainings, back to civilian life etc. As for me, I continue to Ft Benning, Georgia for AIT / Advanced Infantry Training and after that, will find out where my next duty station will be for my 3yrs 5 months Army enlistment. So much has happened to me in training, and most of it good stuff too. I've been able to push my 42yr old body and complete most of the day to day PhysicalTraining that the Drill Sgts make us do. On the other hand, I pulled something in my knee while sprinting and medical gave me a brace and put me on 5 day limited duty pass (meaning that I could still walk, run, march etc and not get sent to medical hold and miss graduation)  I'm old, but am here for this brief time. It's an honor to serve. already we've gone through riflle marksmanship and we've done Convoy exercises and Clearing Rooms. Fun fun stuff that I hope I get to do for reals over i…