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More Foot Steps

Fri 27 Feb 2009

Just checking in to see how things are here.

I've seen that Lots of hits keep coming from all over the world as well as AK.
You'll notice that down at the bottom of this page, as that of any website, is some kind of SiteMeter, and that is what I have,

Even a basic Meter or Record Keeper of a site lets you know where a Site visitor is logging in from, now, Most people don't hide their ISP's but some would and Do.
And as many of you people know, an ISP is like a physical address, it also lists thePC brand, configuration, sometimes whom it's registered too.

But still.

So, Hello to all my visitors from Alaska!!
and from theWest Coast, to theEast Coast United States,
And hello to Canada, and Europe too, as well as theAsian Pacific rim and Australia.
Yet I still can't get over the fact that SouthAfrica has Inet, but hello there too.

Lately I've been seeing theMilitary recruiters again and, what with theNewEnlistment standards being "Lowered" again…

More from BristaSam!!

theSam!! d:oP

not only Wearing theOldSpice, but drinking it too!!

if he can't make it, it's not on theStarbuck$ menu board lists!!
(even if it IS ON theMenuBoard lists above his head within theGlare of the HalogenWhite Neodium kliegLights!!)

-BaristaSam!!, Part duh!!
*note to self*
must reRead Barista Level 101 manuals,

thePart about
Putting ON a heatSleeve ON theCup,
BEFORE turning theSpigot to get 200deg F hot water for theAmericano's, theOatMeal breakfast cups, to combine with cold water for anyMother w/Infant that asks for warm water etc....

apparently Common sense wasn't issued to nor a part of theTraining curriculum Sam.

so far Out There with that LegendaryCustomerService!!

even if it means leaving theKiosk!! to walk theCute customerShopper OUT to her car and to ride across town Home with her and carry her groceries AND theMocha for her.....

apparently about as close to a Lawyer / Barister!! profession as he ever could get,


Saul's Letter to theLeadership of LDS, Inc (a RePost)

Subject: Saul's Letter to the Leadership of LDS, Inc.
Date: Feb 18 12:06
Author: Goddess

It has been a few months since I last posted Saul's letter. I've seen so many new monikers here and, as you may know, I love this letter... So here goes it.

This is a letter written by fellow RfM-er, Saul, to the leadership of TSCC. It is a little lengthy, but well worth the read. To those struggling with a spouse, your family, or your friends in TSCC, know that you are not alone and there are no easy answers.

Thanks to Saul for allowing me to re-post it.

>Here is what I wrote (and sent) to the top 15 plus the presidency of the Seventy:

>The Church of Jesus Christ

>of Latter Day Saints

>50 East North Temple

>Salt Lake City, UT 84150

>Attention: Elder (Name)

>Dear Elder (Name):

>As one who suffers from within, I write this letter to inform you of the magnitude of a growing problem. I am fully active, fully worthy, and fully apostate. I remain active solely for the sake of im…

Slinging Coffee at ChipMunk speed!!

by Shift end, he’s talking at theSpeed!! of a Chipmunk

by Shift end, even theRelatives of methHeads are watching him and taking CleaningTips notes!!

looking to start up a CoffeeVenture shop and name it, “Has Beans!!” (has been)
Rumor has it that it’ll be staffed with, You Guessed it, “HasBeens!!”

not only a realLife person, not only a silly Nickname too, just mostly a complete Noodle in a GreenApron and black BallCap!!

mostly working PartTime, while being clockedIn half theTime!!, and never working at ANY time,

but still wondering when’s BreakTime!?

whom guarantees You’ll be JibberJabber!! in two sips from your Espresso’d Up cup!!

whom might forget to record in detail, sales items by event, but never failing to record number of Pastries “accidently dropped and later on....Eaten!!”

of whom it can be said, that theGrocerStore managementTeam is literally Counting on Him!!

Samuel!!, Samuel!!, put…

Taking Issue Is Detrimental To Faith?!

this is from some one elses Blog that I answered to and was Censored at.
Note, that theSam!! will not Censor peoples response at HIS own blog, unlike this blogger that theSam!! answered.

Here is what I posted in it's entirety. And was censored.


Subject: Re: "taking issue" with being censored.
Date: Feb 05 10:46
Author: theSam!!

fwiw, here's my censored posts from mrTan!!

3. theSam!! Says: Your comment is awaiting moderation.
February 4th, 2009 at 2:54 pm

(a long post)

It’s not that some of us have left theChurch, but that the church left us.
It’s not that some of us are lazy or without faith, but that Others in the church Are, are too lazy to help us and without faith in themselves.

Were it not so, perhaps a Nephite sister missionary friend of mine (whom btw, is in her mid 40’s in Midvale UT and still waiting!!) would have continued to do her part of honoringPriesthood and honoring her Womanhood the way she kept profess…

Ex Mormon Haiku!!

(as posted recently at ExMormon dot org, the Recovery from Mormonism forum boards.
I will explain each haiku in ( ) for sake of clarity to NonMormons,
cos if you haven't been inculcated in this Lifestyle, none of theVerbiage means anything to you.

Mo Exmo Haiku!!

(5 - 7 - 5 formula)

-Keep theDemandments
In this there is chafing and
please, send us blessings

(Explain: a pun on "Keep theCommandments, in this there is safety and peace, but where are theBlessings?!, I saw none ever)

-plain white shirt cheap tie
and inside are dead mans bones
phony hypocrites

(Explain: Pun on theMissionary program of the church, focusing so much on a CleanCut, squeaky clean image when theHistory of theChurch itself in American western lore is as crooked and bloody as any other enterprise at that time,
The Mormons pride themselves on being scrupulously clean from their very beginnings,
but they too have much blood on their hands, fucking Hypocrites)

-I am Lamanite
a Royal fork family,

From Worse to even Badder!!

As inspired by reading about being a Barista at Starbucks is / was a Fantasy job for many people,

And as posted online at TrishNetwork, whom hosts cuteLil' SockMoose!! as mascot, just wait till he gets to Trophy age, some hunter will put him in their sights or better still, lil' SockedMoose!! will get hit by a car and end up as RoadKill.

Fantasy Jobs!!
« on: Today at 02:57:05 AM »
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BaristaSam!!'s MySpace Status:
Very shocked that his Barista!! job at $t@rbuck$ is considered a "Fantasy job", wtf!?, If it was, I'd get Wages, Prestige & Whiter teeth!!

theSam!! read somewhere online,
probably at $t@rbuk$ go$$lp do+ {oM that people once thought of being a Barista was not only a dream job, but a fantasy one!! Wink

I've even heard that suggestion last decade when I was standing behind theSalon!! chair with my womenz and standin' beside theMassag tabl…