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theSam!! Transcript

theSam!! Transcript from theTribalCouncilMtgs!!

Please be seated,

unlike last month when y’all “beatFeet” when you knew I was going to talk about issues regarding alcohol, drugs, domesticViolence, and speaking of which....

Where’s Al!?

I’m continuing to closely monitor theChiefs!! emergency millerLite case!!

neither he nor his relatives have come close to it out in theWoods where I’ve set it up out in the open....

ringed by tigerTraps, deadFall spikePole swings, treeSnares and a few bags of WhiteFlour!! least everyone living on the same street as theChief!! is taking theUtmost precautions and

I can see them here on this portableHandHeldVideo screen.

they’re all sneaking up on theMillerLiteCase, to include even thePreacherMan!!, the 3 HealthAides and half thePeople that are SUPPOSED TO BE HERE at this meeting today,


I know that, that my place here in theVillage!!, as your VPSO is as popular to you as theFluVirus, asWork,

Dormant Memories of LDS Placement Years

Subject: Dormant Memories of LDS Indian Placement Years
Date: Apr 26 09:01
Author: theSam!!

Someone off this board, who's son is writing a paper of sorts, contacted me.

I answered, eventually, his questions posed.
And it took a couple of days.

It took so long because I had to go through so much pain before I wrote anything, and then had to remember more dormant memories before I finished the lengthy questionaire and sent it back.

But here's something I'd like to share, for those of us that have memories that drive us STILL, today, in what ever capacity.

As posted at RFM / Recovery From Mormonism dot org, in the Bulletin Boards.

4-What difficulties arose in this experience? What impact do you feel it made on the child placed in your home? What impact did it make on your family? Do you know what happened to the child afterwards?

the Usual bouts of homesickness was the first difficulty I know of, and saw in other placement program students rig…

theSam!!'s Military Movies

All this week of April I am not working.
Cos I left theBarista kiosk on Sat, and I had to go back to MEPS this week again to reFingerPrint, which I just did earlier today.

I'm cleaning out my room, I'm walking around now and then daily to get some fresh air, but mostly I'm cleaning OUT my apt room cos I'm leaving theCity!! by end of the week.

Since I'm reporting to MEPS here in Anchorage in July, I am going back to theVillage!! until then.

The Recruiters now adays give all Prospects and SignUps tasks to do Online,
this is stuff I never had to do and never heard of back in 1990.

But the Army is a different branch of service entirely from theNavy (my 1990 to 1995 prior service)

I'm watching Army videos and reading, downloading info from the Army site that I'm supposed to learn BEFORE I get to WarriorTransition course and of course,

I reach saturation point and have to switch gears and read / watch something else or else get out of the apt and walk / run for a bit.

MEPS - Military Entrance Process Station

I had to do it eventually, to poke fun at MEPS and the Military in general.
My visit to MEPS 19yrs ago for the Navy was fun and the start of some of the best years of my life, I hope that this recent visit and Army Enlistment will be the same.

Go Army!!

MEPS!! / Military Entrance Process Station!!

theGateWay to all jobs military!!,

think of this as a virtual Garden of Eden for new recruits hoping to pick plum military jobs and get great pay, perks and benes!!

Erhh, the Flowers are all PLASTIC!!

if you think theTaliban are pushing a RobinHood image with Pakistans poor,

Our Military Job Detailers are way ahead of the curve when it comes to getting hapless potential Recruits to sign theDottedLine!!

We’re running neck in neck sometimes with military recruiters though.

our unofficial name is really “Many Enlisting People Suckered!!”

another name for us is really “Must Entertain, Perplex & Sidestep!!”
(everyone and their questions)



“no VPSO, I’m not telling you where my Vodka is, YOU tell ME where it is!!”

“No it’s Not,

“It’s.... under where?!”
“No it isn’t behind my foot damnit, and no I just didn’t push it under the Sofa!!”

able to see into your future and know that you’ll spend at least 1 day in jail up to 6 months!!

also able to see into HIS future and know that forever more he’ll be Pariah in theVillage!!

Except on PayDays!!

often relegated to 2nd class Officer while theVillagePoliceOfficer is around!!

Which often isn’t a bad thing, cos then Sam!! can play “badCop” / KeyStoneCop while the trusted VPO becomes the Authority figure / theGoodCop.

And, no Sam....
You don’t get to wear a Cape as 2nd class Officer.

When his Crystal ball is out of whack,
he just uses his cleanShaven!! noggin’ and it tells him where theBooze is!!

and more importantly, Where theVillageChixxx!! are

able to put 2 and 2 together at the sc…

Village Pregnancy!!

-Village Pregnancy!! (again)

In this issue of AlaskaVillageTales!!, we'll cover a wide range of Maternal issues. Just think of this posting as your pregnancy at a glance,

which is what everyone pretty much thinks anyway when they see you and "belly",
They just "glance" at you and keep on going with their lives,

however, theOnly time a doubleTake occurs is when theFather!! is thePublicSafety,

then you're pretty much a mini-Celebrity for years and on everyone's good side for life.

-Village Pregnancy!! (again & again)
Keeping Secrets!! what you don't tell theHealthAide!! could possibly hurt theBaby!!

But what you do tell theFather!! could never hurt him.

It's only cos, nothing could hurt him more than being VPSO, working for YOUR village!!, and especially having to deal with all those villageElders!! and their diamond-Hard diamondWillow canes and hospitalWalkers and crutches everyone beats him with when he's clearing out a HouseParty!!

trust me..…

More MySpaced Updates!!

Status and Mood Updates

What are you doing right now?

Is now ARMY STRONG!!, a PriorServiceman designated for WarriorTransitionCourse @Ft Sill then AdvancedInfantryTraining @Ft Benning. 13 hours ago
Mood: happy

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theSam!!Is now ARMY STRONG!!, a PriorServiceman designated for WarriorTransitionCourse @Ft Sill then AdvancedInfantryTraining @Ft Benning. 13 hours ago

theSam!!Is now ARMY STRONG!!, a PriorServiceman designated for WarriorTransitionCourse @Ft Sill then AdvancedInfantryTraining @Ft Benning. 22 hours ago

theSam!!theSam!! from NAVY / Never Again Volunteer Yourself (and he did) to ARMY / Again Reality Must Yield!! (and it will). I go to MEPS at 2:38 AM Apr 22

theSam!!All systems go for Re-Enlistment!! Except for theImpaired Circulatory system, It'll dry out before ShipOut!!, I sign…

Uncle Sam!!

Wed 22 Apr 2009 0530hrs to 1400hrs was spent at MEPS / military entrance process station in Anchorage.

Today would be the day that I have looked forward to since, since 1997 when I saw some hard changes in my life while living in Seattle and decided to Re-Enlist, but it turned out that UncleSam wasn't ready to accept me back just yet.

Today was a good day because of this Closure, I finally get to see what I'll be doing for the US Army and when I'll be leaving civilianLife.

Applicant Copy


NAME: Flyinghorse, Samuel Lee
JOB: 11X1000YY
TITLE: Infantry Recruit
TERM: 3 years 15 weeks

Report to the MEPS Anchorage on 2009 07 13

While specific training locations are not guaranteed. You are tentatively scheduled to receive the following training.
START DATE: 2009 07 24

START DATE: 2009 09 08

Total Training Length is 12 weeks and 0 da…

Note To Self.......

Note To Self!!


-Note To Self....
Misdirection and USED equipment are your Best Friends!!

It's "Ms Directions" to you btw and her Equipment IS!!

or, rather, They are......

-Note To Self....
Blend In with theCrowd

When theDistrictManager, theShiftManager, theLeadMerchandiser and theChronicFree Loader (of your $.50 coffee refills) of the Day are all vying for your attention at theHandOffPlane,

Hit the "Pulse" button on the Auto Centrifuge Blender and HOLD IT down!!

Those things are dangerous, deadly and NOISY!!
If you weren't so busy getting those pesky customers out of the way you'd sift a few scoops of VanillaBean powder, chocolateMocha and a few sprinkle shakes in one of those babies and see if it would spin hard enough to extract Uranium!!

-Note To Self....
Seeing theTown through theBottom of Your Cup doesn't mean being cheap and unsanitary by recycling the same used cup you bought from us a year ago and then,

after spending another $5!! (3rd time to…