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Passing On

Bad molars, need root canals I guess. Now and then left or right lower jaw swells up, gets inflamed, eating becomes a chore and my neck is tender along w/ all other musculaskeletal aches & pains of head & neck occur.
So I got some Tylenol pills and go through my days here, lethargic, and today, I curled up on sofa in Mom's house and slept a few hours.
As always, my Consciousness / Spirit / Essence / AwakenedSelf, Whatever YOU call it floated off away from my body.

You recall, one of those brendanFrasier/Rachelweiss "theMummy" movies,
When thePriest does his incantations and up from the depths below you see a dark ghostly shape float around, then settles in on the mummy / person on altar they're trying to Ressurect. And the motionPicture "cams" in, pans in, moves and it's like YOU are floating around.
I went to theOtherSide again, and in that 1st person view I entered a house, and there was sadness there.

Her body was laying on her bed, covered i…

FaceBook TimeLine Excerpts

-Thursday, June 3, 2010 at 11:08am AKDT navyParachute rigger, 2 deployments, now armyInfantryman on first deployment. wow. Im not jealous Sgt or Spec who badmouths Iraqis, Im ok. -Thursday, June 3, 2010 at 11:04am AKDT Wouldn't made it this far in life if I was really fucked up or criminal, twice now I'm in military and at 42yrs old, most people would not. -Thursday, June 3, 2010 at 10:59am AKDT theMentalHealth doc listens then comments, it's true tho, theHazing got out of control and brought up nitemares, but it's not me w/problems. -Thursday, June 3, 2010 at 10:57am AKDT Sgt & Specialist used to stop me in chowhall, demand to see what I ate, Now food restriction lifted, They await PT test results, who cares. -Thursday, June 3, 2010 at 10:54am AKDT full day of RecCtr tomorrow, I'll hit "karateKat" / bag & mat room before my shift, PT test Sat morning, I worry not, Life is,


from a FaceBook post

nothing going on
I can only sit and wait,
advance party moved on, will return
another part of us went elsewhere for nearby resources
we survive, we are not alone
we live, forever.
-giantsOnMars Bil yrs ago
-Lakota group Bils yrs ago across theVerse
-drunkSon, Alaska


We do as has always been done before.
Life for us has been forever, from before us and long after us.

We move through time in this temporary place, 
We hide in plain sight amongst you
we are not seen by you

but we have seen your ancestors, and we have seen your grandchildren's grand children,
we have seen the beauty of the timeTunnels we navigate through from time to time,
a small group of us, safe inside what you would know as a Tipi,

We know the Creator, 
We look like Him.... and like Her....
you do too
but you need to find that out for yourself.

If you do, 
and there are very few others of your kind that do,

we may see each other out there, beyond space and outside of time

stolen from the net. Various Beliefs.

-Hunkpapa Lakota, "Sioux" is what dominantSociety calls us in error,

-30K? nation wide, a number I read about 20yrs ago, currently most Lakota now mix w/ others, only PureBloods / fullBloods are about 50yrs & older (average)

-Creator / the Great Spirit / 2 advanced humans, Most likely Female as "God" because Lakota culture is matriarchal society based and we elevate females. Family is important to us. From that you see what we see as far as who is "God" in childs eyes and the men (Mom). Simple as that, no classes, no priesthoods, no ordnances, no gospels, just family units back to beginning.

-no founders, no prophets, no One person elevated above others, but recent history would tell you of WhiteBuffaloCalfWoman (a Female Goddess) that visited humanity and showed the way to live.

-no books, we descend from advanced people, theStarPeople, who in their cosmic migrations found Earth long ago, those that settled here were as the Creator Gods …