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Jan 2007 More Anchorage Updates

January 2007 Blog

labeled by Dispatch as flirty!!

of whom it was said, that he didn’t want theKing to hold his pickles or to touch his lettuce!!

who’s restless leg syndrome could only be relieved by long each Village girlfriends house!!

leading theFight in theGlobal War On Village!!

theSecurity Officer just got a little more Insecure!!

!!dednah tfeL, or Right handed....he’s got you covered!!
Forwards and neve !!sdrawkcaB

For Survival
In one certain dream that haunts me, I’m looking through the ruins of a community, a large town, a city and I walk for miles and miles.

Smoke stings my eyes, chokes my lungs, fires consume what once used to be homes, commercial & business sites, abandoned vehicles are strewn about. Then the haze is moved away by theWinds and I see things that I wished I had not seen.

A child’s toy, postal letters, coins catch my eye and the occasional place where nothing is disturbed sits in stark contrast with the dam…

theGodFather Of Village!!

theGod Father of Village!!

Ever thing i lernt bout Life I lernd from my Kintergarten Class. Don’t belive me?? Just red on!!

Gren is the fist color that we learn from Primary Color weel.

Even though a Patsy white is actully the first color we eve see in Life like my Pasty white Mom’s brasts, our white Nitive dads, our White Naive relives,

but that’s a given, we learn that Gren peces of paper wit numbers on tem mean th World to us.

And mother and her shapely figue she goes after theGuys in theVilag that work and earn theMostest gren piece of paper. Mom calls the biggest, big bills theBen jammun’s.

Our frst year in schull we learn that the armor Cop in theVillage or Safey Oficer also has lots of “Money”,

He goes hom to his house at end of each day and stuffs his matress, his cloze bag and shovvls money into his pickup twuck, at least that what Mom thinks and that’s wat the bigge 4th grad kids tell us anyways.

It lest that onne gurl in 4th grid nos whatt she ssas becoz sh…

All I Wanted For Christmas!!.....


-A System upgrade of satellite, tivo and theBrittany Channel.
600Gigs of memory card, a Laser Range finder, a Universal tv Remote, FM / XM radio capabilities, IM / Email and IRL video teleconferencing with Straight-to-Blog access, built in Karoke machine, and disco-Neon backlighting on theInterface screen all on my Kyocera Media phone!!

-A break from the Patrol route scene without having to memorize 500 Departure and Arrival flights,

without having to know who works where and in What dept,
without having to walk 12 miles a day to and from the falling snow,
without having to endure 5 hours of traffic safety videos and having to dress like a stupid traffic cone,

without having theAirport Police look down on me and theAirport Dispatch ignore me,
I’m going back to Patrol.

-A replacement for every sock and t-shirt & BVD set that I’ve lost in theApt House laundry machines.

I just know that somewhere else just on theOther side, theFar Side, of theN…