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Villagers Finally Realize Everyone Never Drinks

Village!! friends ?


More Quotes Ripped from theInet!! and commented upon by theSam!! d:oP

-Your friend is that man who knows all about you, and still likes you.

theSam!! sez:
And that friend sure likes to see you go about daily life totallyOblivious!! and totallyObvious!! to the facts that

they saw your PowerPuffGirls!! backPack sitting by theSchoolSwingset when you first played with theKidz!! during summer break,

Your "friend" knows this, cos he still has thePolaroid photo submitted to ALL theStateTroops via their monthly PostNewsLetter!!

come to think of it,

why was an Trooper smiling at me the other day when I was sitting on theBus!?

-confused!!- d:o(

-A friend is the one who comes in when the whole world has gone out.

theSam!! sez:
if this is "any" consolation to anyone having any hopes of anybody ever ever NOT shedding any last Vestiges / shreds of human decency etc,

and still standing by their friends and …

theSam!! ChecksOut His Closing List!!

theDummoSam!! Closes His CheckOut List!!

To Be Done Nightly Sam!!, even if you’re only here 3 hrs a day too at Noon!!

1. Pull & Send!! Mat’s through DishWashMachine / DM (not before 10p.m.) every night. Then Clean theMachine!!

This does not mean sending “SaladStation Matt”, “ServerBoi Matt”, and “lil son Matthias” (scion of theBarMaid!! just because your jealous that “he isn’t YOUR boy!!”) through theMachine,

Besides, if ServerBoi Matt keeps going back to theHalfWayHouse!! cleanedUP, his CaseMgr at JobService isn’t going to believe him that he’s down and Out from smelling like Glassguard, RinseFree and wet potatos.

Remember that last caseLoad mixUp when Matt visited theJobService and everyone throughout theBldg detected theOdor of SaniRinse, Fries and Grease and thought it was YOU Sam!!

2. Run all Glassware Sam!!, even 1/2 racks.

Remember Sam!!, that you carefully place theGlassWare INSIDE the hard plastic racks, AND We DON’T Mean “between” the Plastic Cleavage of theBarGirls Sam!!


theSam!!'s Jokes

A Man walks into a bar!!

theBarMaid says,
"Hi Sam!!

....steak medium rare, starch of the day, sides and
appleCrisp alaMode WITH a double drink!?

and Sam!! says,
"uh.. ummm

Ima go wash my hands now"

a VPSO walks into a bar!!

Everyone says, "Hi Sam!!"

a VPSODirector!!
(a vpso's boss, a local boss in the nativeNonProfit that hired Sam!!)
drives to theVillage!!

he wants to see what theWork is like first hand,
to see how theSam!! does his job,
to show that he's not above his officers he hired in the first place.

theSam!! throws theBoss!! a whiteBallisticVest-PanelCover!! (without theBulletPanels!!) Thumbs Up

theBoss!? goes,
"wow, these are theNewVests you got?!
They're so light and airy!!
I can scrunch it up in my fist!!"

And theBoss & Sam!! go out for theEvening and patrol around,

They answer Village DVE's,

play with a few villageKidz!!
hug & hold a few Kidz and some infants!!

even flirt with and argu…

Shock jock's remarks may no longer shock.

Text Size
Shock jocks' remarks may no longer shock
Featured Video
Derogatory talk may no longer shock
Michelle Davis (KTUU-TV)
Disc jockeys Greg Wood and Chris Wilcox have been suspended without pay. (KTUU-TV)
Debra Call (Zac Gooch/KTUU-TV)
Such comments are not limited to the Woody and Wilcox Show. (Zac Gooch/KTUU-TV)
Kiatcha Benson with Healing Racism in Anchorage (Zac Gooch/KTUU-TV)
Also on the Web
Alaska Native Heritage Center
Anchorage Healing Racism

by Angela Blanchard
Wednesday, April 16, 2008

ANCHORAGE, Alaska -- Classic rock radio station KBFX-FM 100.5 "The Fox" has posted an apology on its website and disc jockeys Greg Wood and Chris Wilcox have been suspended without pay, all stemming from a derogatory statement regarding Alaska Native women, made last week on the air.

Some in the community say such comments didn't begin on "the Fox," though.

The fallout from the comments continues. The Alaska Native Heritage Center on Tuesday suspended i…

How To Spot theVillage!! K-9 Officer d:oP

AVT!! / AlaskaVillageTales!! now has New ArcadeGames, Casino Poker and it also takes Pictures and Vids for you too!!

theCatch!! is, you just have to be surfing theWeb!! on one of them New 2008 model - new generation CellPhones,

which has Arcade games, casino poker, and they take pictures and vids for you!!

We never said we were Original, we just can’t Explain OUR origins!!, nor that of our Author & his bigNose and beady Lakota eyes.

And speaking of Cold Noses and bad Breath!!
theSam!! presents,

How To Spot a K-9 Officer!!

Reload this Page How to spot a K9 officer....
Just don’t make theMistake of Reloading your MPK-5 Stick “INTO” Fido when, in heat of theMoment,

You get distracted by all theCommotion and pick UP your yapping Dog instead of your sidearm!!

Welcome, SLFlyinghorse.
You last visited theAVT forums: 10-27-2007 at 02:37, and just what theHell are you doing back here again!? Go AWAY!!
-upset!!- d:o(

Private Messages: Unread 0, Total 16.
2 ShoutOuts!!,
3 WhatTheHells!?
8 DeathT…

Sam!!'s Cold-Dead PublicSafetyCareer!!

Luminaries attend Heston's funeral

LOS ANGELES (AP) - Charlton Heston has been remembered at his funeral as devoutly religious and patriotic -- a man who was an imposing figure both in his politics and on the big screen.

actually, fans just wanted to see theCasket being pulled by twoRomanGrieco loin clad pallbearers, while thePriest-Acting as TaskMaster!!

whipped theRest of thePallBearers along as theyPushed theCoffin into it's final resting place!!

Just after theHeston sarcoffigus was erected into place and stood proudly, everyone realized it was upsideDown!!

Heston died a week ago at age 84 in his Beverly Hills home following a battle with Alzheimer's disease.
Today's funeral took place in the church where he worshipped.
About 300 people attended the funeral, including family members, politicians and actors.

theSam!! continues.... WTF

But not for lack of trying though, as Heston took into battle with him when he ran out of that garage, to face the cro…

theSam!!'s VillageWorld Comes To an End!!

As inspired by an friend on another Forum,
She posted this and got theSam!! to blinkin'!! (not thinkin')
20 Ways the World Could End
Swept away.
by Corey S. Powell

20 Ways theVillageWorld Could End!!

theSam!! Says!!

1 A steroid impact
Pardon me for writing all this,

But here in theVillage!!, as of late!!, one of theOlder!! but still young, VillageChixxx!! has taken it upon herself to “lead theYouth” and so she stepped into theRole of Mentor, Model and now....Detainee!!

as, I recently stopped her vehicle and amongst other contraband, she had NOT Illegal drug syringes per se (thank god) but bodybuilding injectables,

None of these other Scientific scenarios really affects us “much” way out here, but then again, they do and this new addition of drug Paraphenalia to theVillage!! just adds to our own list of Ways OUR village!! world has already ended!!

-sad- d:o(

As for theStereoImpact!!

lessJuss say, that for every ClockHour past 10p.m. will equal 10…

Advanced Village!!

theSam!! finally figured out why his Villagers!! drink so much,

it's just so that, to them at least, he'll get prettier as the Months drag by!!

And I was like, out there in Uniform for over 2.5yrs.
More like, 2.8 really, but I'll update on THAT later,

I musta been real Pretty then, at least to my Villagers!!
and downright Cute!! d:oP

....and a Diva!!

theAlaskaVillage!!....YourBusiness is MyBusiness!!
and our business is NoOnes!!

(I don't get it either, but MoselyMoose!! has been transcribing my WordPerfectMusings for me lately,

uh.. He can't spell very well, but he's downright cute!! X:oD

Advanced Village!! Packaging Solutions!!
Move your ideas forward by staggering Sideways!!

AVPS champions all of your Judiciary & Financial matters by delivering theLatest shipment of Bootlegged Spirits bound for your discriminating pallet,

and we do mean Discriminatory, cos we know how much you drink and then get annoyed with WhitePeople!! and with VPSO's,