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If you do your own start center and spiral out. If you box yourself in it means you will die soon.
I will post later.
1. August, Month of chokeCherries. Under certain star alignment. My 1st name Mama called her lil' Boy.
2. Consciousness w/ Mom before my birth. During. Afterwards. I was aware of 2 females in the house I was born in, the Dots under my feet.
a Main picture can be symbolized.
Anything under or next to is of something deeply spiritual or holy to you, What happened, a count of times.
3. I was born to a SpeaksWalking woman. Female symbol and trail she leaves in life, Eternal, Great and lasting like Galaxy out there.
4. I see Dead People. Toddler crawling around & seeing an Uncle visit us the day he died. My first, a lifetime of seeing Unseen since.
Creator visited me 5x in life, Both of them. Man to left, Breasted beautiful motherGoddess on right.
2 sacred artifacts/experiences received in life and 3rd, Tipi, Started receiving knowledge of, a connection to my Lakota heritage, since childhood.
5. Ancient Lakota carried "shepherdsStaff" w/ middleEastern Aunk style end. This honor went to warChiefs/MedicineMen. On this is USflag and 2 feathers (twice Enlisted) Arrow/projectileWeapon, stoneAx/ImpactTool and bareHand says, In my flesh in life I am CombatVeteran that took life.
6. Vanity & Reflection.
simple Mirror & Comb. Yes. Lakota Women had these items for thousands of years. Once I was licensedCosmetologist and stood before mirror w/ my Female clients in chair. :P Even I grow my hair long a few years then cut it.
7. Bare hand, simple dot/circle (females). Holding what ideals, gender is closest to me. Female symbol underneath, my target market when I was also licensedMassagePractitioner.
8. Simple warShield. Holding later on in life over Family, select friends. Tipi/sacred shape inside that in turn is still w/ me where & what Power comes from here on earth.
9. Moving to where 8 stars of Gold on a field of Blue is theMotto, Alaska. Meeting again w/ deceased, w/ motherCreator, in my Police/EMT work I did at one time.
10. I live now w/ Ahtna, PeopleOftheIce. I look at 2 of 5 nearby mountains, 18yrs now, I watch Sun & Moon & Stars but cherish the hard Cold of Winter the most.
11. Standing in and between 2 Worlds. Crossing over twice due to stupidity/Alcohol poisoning, Father booted me back. Currently 2 tipi in yard and last few years of unEmployment gives me free time to think/meditate, Find myself and put all this together.
My Lakota People came from theStars millions of years ago. Some stayed, some moved on, They will return, Most of us will move on. I post to Twitter & publicFacebook recently.
What you are given in life will always stay w/ you.
We are Eternal Beings in mortal life for short time/s,
Make the most of Your time.
Find your Self.


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