Doodle w/ Text

Still doodling here and there on paper or on my Jot BoogieBoard, or my Crayola LightBox w/ dryEraseCrayons (yes, still a kid at heart and found the lightBox in thrift store)

Lakota are from StarPeople.
I write about such things extensively on twitter, faceBook, no time to explain here.
The doodle here.
upper Right is a BlackHole, you follow an object making a path into swirling galaxies, and one path breaks away (Lakota StarPeople settling here and there while others move on) and onto another blackHole and through it.
On left side, you see a Tipi doodling sitting inside a Sphere.

These are things I've found out about MY lineage. My people.
You might not believe such things, it's My bloodLine I follow, not Yours.
Find your own way and be happy w/ that as I am happy w/ my own life and discovering my own Native heritage.



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