White Lakota Tipi.

a simple thing for most people.
a novelty.
but you sell it to a Native family, and there's a Son in that family who is strange.
He remembers various Incarnations upon Earth for last 250yrs at least.  And has alluded to this upon other social media posts. He remembers being w/ his mother a few months before he was born, he remembers his birth and remembers all the dead people & other things he saw since then. All his life.
You give someone an icon to his native culture like this and wow.
It comes alive for an Awake person.
you get incredible sleep dreams and memorable OBE/out of body experiences and meditation is life changing while inside this..... this novelty.
Currently there's a bed inside, small dresser, night stand, sofa and a chair. And a partial Ozan overhead.
This is just a shadow of once was for lakota ancestors, let alone for today in 2017.
Looking at it is a lesson in Sacred Geometry.
Sitting in an empty tipi is a lesson upon the Atom and other structure that make up our physical world.
You take into a place like this what you Have. And if you align yourself w/ theCreator you get back so much more.
I am Lakota.
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